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Growth Hacker at Famous (San Francisco, CA)

Growth Hacker

The Company

Located in SOMA, Famous is building a design software that will change how designers are building and launching mobile web experiences. Designers today are expected to create large amounts of high quality content that can effortlessly live anywhere, and look the same across all screens.  But the current design toolset only allows you to design and prototype, and designing for multi-screens is challenging. Once a designer is ready to publish their design they must either learn to code or hand off their design to a developer to create. This process is lengthy, cumbersome, and often expensive.  With the launch of Famous Studio, designers will be able to easily design beautiful, multi-screen experiences and publish in a single tool.

Learn more about Famous Studio on the Famous YouTube channel

The Role

Famous is seeking to add an analytical and passionate Growth Hacker to our user acquisition team. This role is highly suited for someone with a voracious appetite for scaling our marketing efforts through experimentation, automation, scripting, and growth hacking.

Differentiated Skills

  • How to write scripts and macros to automate marketing tasks. (e.g. reverse look up beta signed ups to determine who each person is, their role, and to flag and automate marketing activities based on the data generated)

Required Skills

  • Engineering degree or relevant boot-camp completion (i.e. Hack Reactor)

  • Strong written and communication skills

  • 1+ years using the required Growth Hacking skills in a professional environment

Personal Traits

  • Can learn anything rapidly

  • Self-starter

  • Team player

  • Collaborative

Required Toolset Knowledge

  • Comfortable with data visualization products (i.e. Highcharts)

  • Fluent and comfortable with scraping techniques (e.g. Javascript, Perl, Python, REGX), macros, spreadsheets, statistics and experimentation techniques

Values We Look For In Candidates

Famous has developed a five-point brand star of trust that represents the key elements of our brand. Our brand permeates everything we do, and is core to how we build our team.  Our founder Steve Newcomb speaks in this YouTube video about our brand star, and it includes:

  1. Beautiful - Famous is a premium brand that builds exceptional products that are polished and sophisticated.  Every bit of every experience with Famous should feel perfect and high end. However, the downside of this brand star is if we take this too far we could be perceived as being insular, so we offset with our second brand star point. For a Growth Hacker, this could mean building a beautiful UI by which to display data/insights to the broader team.

  2. Empathetic - Famous listens to its customer to create our products.  We offer more than just a product, we offer a partnership where we create a custom solution for our partners.  However, the downside of this brand star is that if we take it too far we could be perceived as being a follower, a company with no vision - so we offset with our third star point. For a Growth Hacker, this could mean developing a script that scrapes user feedback in order to bubble up issues for Famous to address in early product rollouts.

  3. Thoughtful - After listening to our customers and after understanding the macro market conditions, Famous utilizes technology and our know-how to come up with a unique product solution that sets us apart from any other company in our space.  We are inventors, thought leaders, and hold ourselves out as not only the leader in our space, but the creator of it. However, the downside of taking this star point too far, is that we become an island unto ourselves; we become silo’d from society and eventually become out of touch, which is offset by our fourth start point. For a Growth Hacker, this could mean analyzing current client data to help propose new ways of attracting new clients of the same profile

  4. Approachable - Famous is the brilliant, visionary, beautiful “girl next door”.  We are approachable, affable and the type of company that make our customers feel smarter.  We share, we talk and we commune with our customers because we are in it together. However, the downside of taking this star point too far is that a company can be seen as too open and without any magic, which we offset with our final star point. For a Growth Hacker, this could mean working alongside our design team to share insights that guide the creation of stronger content for our website.

  5. Magical - Famous invents unique technology that inspires wonder, creates those ‘Ah Ha!’ moments that create the foundations for making people believe they can change the world.  However, how we do it is something we hold close, hold dear, and do not show people how it’s done. We want our brands to want us to be magical, different, and special.  This brand star point takes us back to our first one to create our full brand star. When you get magic just right, it firmly connects the brand back to being beautiful and full of wonder. For a Growth Hacker, this could mean identifying insights that the Famous Leadership team is not aware exist and end up changing how we think about our audience growth plans.

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