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Recruitment procedure at Global Scholar

Global scholar has a rigorous interview procedure. I share my interview experience. It consisted of following rounds.
  1. Written technical round (optional)
  2.  Interview round – I
    • Will be conducted by an engineer who is on a similar role
    • You will be tested on your analytical skills mostly
  3. Interview round – II
    • Will be conducted by a person who is on a higher role (mostly lead)
    • You will be tested on your domain
  4. Interview round – III
    • Similar to round II
    • Both interviewers has to be impressed by your performance
  5. Hiring Manager round
    • This is little challenging.
    • You have to pass this round to qualify for the next two rounds
  6. Product Manager round
    • You will be tested on all the needed skills
    • Mostly it will be a stress interview
  7. Vice president interview
    • If you pass through all the interviews, you will meet the vice president of the company.
    • You have to impress the VP to get an offer letter.