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Remote Fullstack Developer - Build & Learn in the Financial Industry at Scratch Financial Inc. () (allows remote)

What we're building

Scratchpay provides pet parents with simple friendly payment plans. We help pet parents to provide the care their pets need, easing the financial barrier. We are growing fast in the veterinary space and Veterinarian, Pet owners and pets across the US love us! Come help us help more pets!

About the position

This is about building the ecosystem for Scratchpay. Building micro-services, building the backbone and the organs of Scratchpay services so we can deliver the best experience to our borrowers and clinics.

This is about pushing the edge of what has been done in Finance and Lending to build a scalable platform that can serve all-the-pets. However many (but the more the merrier). This is about working with a brilliant team that's been growing from 0 to 1 in 2 years and that is helping pets in 47 states in the US.

This job is for you if you recognize yourself in this:

  • I am a good mind

  • I can think for myself

  • I am critical of myself and others

  • I am always respectful

  • I ask questions when needed

  • I can understand the boundaries but have a lot of fun within them

  • I take my work seriously and never let down people

  • I work hard because I want to do the best that I can right now

  • I always observe and reflect on how to do better tomorrow

  • I like animals

Qualifications Required

  • Strong coding skills, ability to use TDD if needed (hint: it will)

  • Ability to design, write and test code, algorithms, whether in the front-end, back-end, you-name-it (Cloud Functions?)

  • Ability to switch between languages, not vendor-locked-in

  • A principled approach to development. You should be opinionated but you should be die-hard about your opinions because after all, maybe you're wrong (but maybe not?)

  • The understanding that any one line of code written can lead to catastrophic consequences if not thought out carefully! (Am not kiddin', just look at the heartbleed security issue)

  • Ability to code in either Javascript/Node, Go or Python (or PHP….)

  • Ability to switch between frameworks (front-end, back-end, you-name-it)

  • An eye for design and a good front-end skills. Maybe not pixel perfect level but the ability to develop something that will look good and work across devices

  • Understanding what is color theory and domain driven design

  • Knowing what Agile and Scrum are

You will:

  • Build services using TDD practice

  • Work within a Scrum team of fun and talented people

  • Design and implement systems

  • Run tests, find issues, escalate, discuss solutions

  • Work in a highly scalable cloud computing environment with the difficulties scalability brings

  • Build a platform and an ecosystem of services that will in turn make for a great UX for pet parents and clinics!

  • Build, deploy and maintain your own work

  • Learn anything you feel like that's necessary for the job, however challenging, however you like it

  • Be part of an exciting adventure

How to know if you are a good fit?

You will have to:

  • Have empathy;

    • Understanding the position of others is critical. It is necessary to navigate through communication, mitigation and the culture

  • Be independent;

    • Yet know when to raise a point or ask for a clarification or escalate a potential issue

  • Communicate;

    • Speak your mind and expect others to. Engage in respectful and mindful conflict. Quality > quantity.

  • Know your stuff and know what you don't know;

    • No one is perfect but everyone can learn. Be humble enough to know your weaknesses. Be open minded and hard working enough to be able to fix them.

  • Take constructive critics;

    • Ask yourself "how to know if I'm wrong?". You may not, but not challenging your thinking is unhealthy. We challenge each other a lot @Scratchpay.

Our culture

We care about the human aspect of work and we expect others to. Excellence is also an important keyword @ Scratchpay. While everyone makes mistakes, we learn from them. We are conscious about efficiency and effectiveness in the positive way. We don't do things that bring low-to-no value short or long term. We also do hard things that bring a lot of value. Quality, attention to detail and respect are some of the traits you must have and expect others to have.

The good

  • We are a team of dedicated, hard working, friendly individuals

  • We move fast, sometimes break things with measure, we give a second chance

  • We give constructive feedback, we challenge each other

  • We are open-minded and we care for each other

  • Everyone is striving towards excellence. Mediocrity isn't our cup of tea. But we always work hard to help those that are willing to get there!

The bad

  • Everything goes fast and the ultimate goal is to move the business fast. There can be disconnects in the communication at times. We all need to navigate through this and push whenever it is critical to do so.

  • We are open-minded but things need to be moving forward.

  • We say what we have to. So expect to hear some unpleasant - but true - things sometimes. Don't hesitate to argue back - with respect - if you disagree.

  • Like any startup, It can be a mess some days. You also will likely have to do things that aren't in your scope sometimes. Part of the fun, right? ;)

The most important is: We are always looking at improving. All the time, step by step. If you feel mediocre and don't see a path to improvement or can't listen to others' voice to, please do not apply.

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Growth Marketing Part Time Consultant - 100% remote at Time Doctor () (allows remote)

We are a 100% remote company with people in 28 countries around the world. You will be working with the CEO who is currently responsible for this role. You would start as a consultant with the possible view to moving to a full time role at some time in the future (more than 6-12 months away) if it’s a fit on both sides.

You will need to participate in meetings which are mostly in the evening EST USA time or late afternoon PST USA time. This means you should be a little bit flexible with your hours. Also if you’re in Europe the hours probably won’t work for you. If you’re in Asia you will need to work sometimes early in the morning from 6am for example.

These are the types of things you would be doing:

  • Managing a team of 3 developers in the Philippines who are the technical growth team.

  • Coming up with ideas for new onboarding experiments.

  • Meeting with our current conversion optimization consultant and working with them for any technical issues or helping them to come up with ideas.

  • Meeting with internal team members to help you come up with growth experiment ideas.

  • Looking at our data to find issues with our onboarding or sign up flow and generating improvements or experiments as a result of this review.

  • Meeting with another consultant who is responsible for our emails and generating split tests for our emails.

  • Writing copy for pages that you are working on.

  • Project management of issues such as getting listed on the G Suite marketplace and getting 50 reviews on the marketplace.

Activities you'd potentially get involved with:

But it's not necessary to do this if these areas are not a fit to you.

  • Meeting with Facebook ad consultant weekly to see  how they are going and get updates and push it forward

  • Meeting with Google adwords consultant every couple of weeks

  • In both cases for google adwords and Facebook you wouldn’t be actually doing the Facebook or Adwords


  • You must have previously run growth experiments for a B2B software product most likely, although any good experience in conversion optimization is useful.

  • Experience and skills in data analysis.

  • Deep understanding of Google Analytics.

  • You do not need to be deeply technical

Click on APPLY NOW to submit your application, 

Only those who submit the complete answers will be considered for this job.

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Senior iOS Developer for one of the most used apps in Germany at Scout24 (Berlin, Germany)

ImmobilienScout24 is the leading online marketplace for private and commercial real estate in Germany. The portal enables people to realize their real estate dreams simply, efficiently and stress-free. ImmobilienScout24 successfully brings commercial real estate sellers, owners and potential tenants and buyers together. Every month, more than 12 million people use the portal. Germany-wide, ImmobilienScout24 achieves a prompted brand recognition score of 96 percent within the relevant target group. ImmobilienScout24 is part of the Scout24 Group, which operates leading digital marketplaces in the real estate and automotive sectors in Germany and other selected European countries. For more information, visit

The Core Experience iOS Engineering team is mainly responsible for two aspects of our app: Search and Exploration. We offer our users a seamless way to find their dream home and help them to discover extra benefits. Additionally we own and drive the architecture and best practices of the app. This role is ideal for someone passionate about iOS with solid technical knowledge and who wants to take ownership of the most influential real estate app in Germany. You will be working with cutting-edge technologies in a cross-functional and autonomous environment. Ready for the challenge?

What we need from you:

  • Have a meaningful impact on our users by being a key member in our Consumer Experience iOS Team and helping us to build, test, deploy, release and maintain a state-of-the-art app.

  • Leverage our cross-team collaboration by proactively tackling and solving challenging problems together

  • Inspire the engineers around you by owning the entire feature development cycle from concept to release and being accountable for it.

  • Support the continuous learning process of the whole team by exchanging knowledge and contributing with your own ideas.

  • Increase the team's delivery speed by using agile best practices such as pair programming, continuous delivery and actively participating in our agile meetings.

What we need you to bring:

  • You are a curious backend engineer with 4+ years of experience in building iOS applications in Objective-C and Swift. and you enjoy working in complex environments and understand the impacts of your change

  • You are familiar with the iOS SDKs and frameworks such as AFNetworking, UIKit, CocoaPods, Cartography and XCTest

  • You have knowledge of REST APIs and their integration in mobile applications

  • You practice in clean Code, TDD and Pair Programming

  • You are passionate and curious about emerging technologies and can quickly evaluate and adapt to new frameworks, languages and approaches

  • You are a strong team player who is happy to collaborate with other teams across Scout24 including engineering and also back-office teams like product management or customer care.

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(Junior) Data Scientist (m/f) at GfK (Nürnberg, Deutschland)

GfK is looking for a (Junior) Data Scientist (m/f) in Nuremberg

GfK is a tech-enabled data and analytics partner for the durable goods and technology industries and respective retailers. With immediate effect, we are looking for Data Scientists to support the development of our data-driven products.

You are

  • looking for a permanent occupation in an interesting and continuously changing environment

  • a (future) expert in data science or related areas with a Master's degree in Computer Science/Statistics/Econometrics, or related field with a quantitative focus (Mathematics/Physics)

  • a strong analytical problem solver with good communication skills

  • always keen to enhance your already solid modeling skills and statistics knowledge (e.g., machine learning, deep learning, econometric modeling)

We believe

  • in open and honest communication

  • that high-performing teams are usually built from diversity, agile collaboration principles, and application of best practices from software development

  • that our team is the ideal environment to grow professionally and to continuously enhance your data science skill set

You will

  • work on one of our international and cross-functional agile teams

  • design, develop and implement data science and machine learning models in proofofconcepts and prototypes using for example R, Python

  • closely collaborate with machine learning engineers/ software engineers on creating datadriven endtoend solutions for marketers

  • work with scalable Machine Learning frameworks like H2O or Spark MLib

  • use Big Data frameworks (Hive, Spark, Hadoop)

  • present GfK’s Data Sciences expertise at conferences and workshops

We offer

  • a permanent position with a competitive salary, and flexible working conditions

  • a good work life balance, 30 days of vacation, and parent-friendly regulations

  • support with relocation, visa sponsorship, and language courses

  • pension plans and employee benefits

If this sounds interesting to you, do not hesitate to reach out to

We would love to hear from you!

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Senior Java Developer (m/f) building the biggest real-estate search engine in DE at Scout24 (Berlin, Germany)

ImmobilienScout24 is the leading digital real estate classifieds platform in Germany. The digital marketplace inspires people’s best  real estate decisions and successfully brings commercial real estate sellers, owners and potential tenants and buyers together. Every month, more than 12 million people use the portal. Germany-wide, ImmobilienScout24 achieves a prompted brand recognition score of 96 percent within the relevant target group. ImmobilienScout24 is part of the Scout24 Group, which operates leading digital marketplaces in the real estate and automotive sectors in Germany and other selected European countries. For more information, visit

The Residential team is the biggest market segment of ImmobilienScout. Your work and decisions will have a direct impact on thousands of customers and company's success. We are a cross-functional team responsible for helping people find the home that best suits their needs or find best agents to help selling their houses.

We value the entrepreneurial mindset, open-mindedness, adaptability, being polyglot, not afraid of taking risks, ownership & responsibility. You will lead the team from technical perspective, make technical decisions, coach the team and guide them to the right  technical direction.

What we need from you:

  • Develop high-quality software (including features, performance testing, documentation, etc.) for our core customers, the real estate agents in various languages and for various applications

  • Participate in architectural discussions, propose and discuss solutions to a system or product.

  • Work with other engineering teams to align and propose technical solutions for cross-cutting problems.

  • Participate in hiring process, help attracting and retaining great talent.

  • Support and develop Software Engineers by providing advice, mentoring, and educational opportunities.

  • Work closely with product owners and challenge them in product initiatives and strategy.

  • Continuously improve the tools your team develops with a lean product development mindset.

  • Willingness to write professional articles, blog posts, speak at conferences and/or organize meetups.

What we need you to bring:

You are as enthusiastic about building teams as you are about building new products. You believe teams get satisfaction from the measurable results of solutions to difficult problems. To be great at this role you…

  • Are an engineer at heart. Proficiency in modern programming languages - preferably Java/Scala.

  • Have a deep understanding of Continuous Integration & Delivery.

  • Are comfortable with version control systems (Git preferred).

  • Have familiarity with Docker and related technologies.

  • Have knowledge of cloud environments (we use AWS) and microservice architectures.

  • Have Knowledge of JavaScript Frameworks like Angular JS or React.js/Redux

  • Are experienced with relational and non-relational databases

  • Bring several years of experience working in or leading multi-disciplinary and multi-culture teams.

  • Prefer to prove your ideas by trying them and measuring their impact. You accept failure is part of that process.

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Backend Software Engineer - Java (m/f) at WeQ Global Tech GmbH (Berlin, Germany)

Are you an initiative thinker looking to shape the ad tech space? Join our lab of deep divers.

Help us build cutting-edge products that empower app developers and marketers. Join a multidisciplinary team of accomplished engineers with a focus on scalable infrastructure, architecture and process automation. We are experienced front-end and back-end developers, machine learning scientists, data engineers, architects and infrastructure experts, supported by a group of product managers. Get experience working with a full tech stack: we use a variety of programming languages ranging from Javascript / React on the frontend, e.g. our campaign management tools, from Python for machine learning, to PHP and Java for our backend services and ad serving systems. Work with our proprietary machine learning technology and generate billions of impressions per month, reach millions of unique users daily and process Terabytes of data per day.

We are looking for driven Software Engineers to help us designing, building, operating and scaling our ad serving systems and internal and external management tools. You will be part of an international team working in a dynamic and agile environment.
You will work closely with other software and data engineers to build the next generation ad tech services. If you have a deep understanding of building highly scalable applications in Java (or other languages), and like seeing your services being hit with a high load in production, you will fit right in.

What we expect from you in this role

  • Design, build, test, scale and operate our highly available services handling billions of events and TBs of data per day

  • Improve current services architecture and quality

  • Work in an agile environment and contribute your ideas to continuously improve our products, processes, and tools

  • Have a passion for learning and improving yourself

  • Team up with talented developers, learn as much as you can and have fun while doing it

Technologies we are using

Java, Vertx, Spring/SpringBoot, Maven, Kafka, Hadoop, Presto, Druid, Spark, MongoDB, Aerospike, Redis, Docker, AWS, GCE, Hybrid Cloud, Ansible, Terraform, Grafana, Cassandra, CI/CD

Perks awaiting you

  • Join an international and thriving team of innovation-drivers spanning all continents and grow alongside the brightest minds in the industry.

  • Our cool office is in hip Berlin neighborhood with access to lots of amenities and top-notch workstations, with the latest hardware of your choice.

  • We ensure that your move to Berlin goes as smoothly as possible by offering relocation and visa support to settle comfortably into your new city.

  • We offer comprehensive health insurance at home or during your business travel, keep you hydrated and nourished with a selection of drinks and snacks.

  • We support your growth with intensive onboarding, quarterly reviews, hands-on mentoring from your manager and internal knowledge-sharing initiatives.

  • Enjoy 24/7 access to e-learning tools to improve your business, creative and tech skills.

  • Keep your brain active and integrate into the international hub of Berlin with German and English classes.

  • We’re all about community and collaboration! Mingle with your peers at our breakfasts, lunches, summer BBQs, ping pong challenges and many more (depending on location). We fly the San Francisco team to Berlin for our global bi-annual company events.

  • Enjoy a gift and flexible vacation-time on us to celebrate special occasions (work anniversaries, birthdays etc.).

  • Help build the team with our employee referral scheme, offering between 2.000 - 5.000€ for finding the right fit.

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iOS Developer (m/f) wanted for leading e-hailing app in Europe (Berlin) at mytaxi (Intelligent Apps GmbH) (Berlin, Germany)

As of now we're looking for a motivated and experienced iOS Developer (m/f). You will be part of a newly founded team of motivated developers in our development hub in Berlin. In close collaboration with the development teams in our headquarter in Hamburg you will work on our main products.

These are your responsibilities:

  • Creation and implementation of new features for our mobility apps

  • Working closely with and support for all our developers (for example our Android developers)

  • Agile iOS Development (SCRUM)

  • Working in a motivated and innovative team with flat hierarchies

These are your qualifications:

  • Degree in Computer Sciences or a similar background

  • Several years of experience in iOS development

  • Very good knowledge in Objective-C

  • Good knowledge in software design

  • Passion for good software

  • Fluent proficiency in English

You are a perfect fit if you are passionate about iOS development but also like to broaden your horizons (for example helping out in Android or Backend development).

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Data Scientist Lead (m/f) wanted for leading e-hailing app in Europe (Berlin) at mytaxi (Intelligent Apps GmbH) (Berlin, Germany)

mytaxi is building up a data science team that is solving key problems relating to urban transportation. Therefore, we are keen on hiring a Data Science Lead (m/f) for defining, implementing and leading the structures and capabilities that are necessary for mytaxi to predict the future.

Your role:

  • You will be disciplinarily and professionally responsible for a team of Data Scientists

  • You motivate your team by proactively and transparently lead them through the dynamic challenges of the mobility markets of the future

  • You will identify, understand, structure and solve complex problems in the prediction of demands and supplies in the fast-moving world of urban mobility

  • Develop production ready prediction tools used in a variety of processes to help move drivers and passengers through cities more efficiently

  • You report to the Head of Data in the definition of processes and models for a deep understanding of data in a growing variety of market environments leading to the projection of future developments

  • You will work closely with various stakeholders across Europe from Product, Tech, BI and Data Engineering Teams

Your profile:

You are a problem solver, detail-oriented and self-motivated who thrives in a fast-paced, highly dynamic environment, combining technical, product, business and leadership perspectives. Further key aspects of your profile are:

  • Experiences in leadership of tech-oriented teams

  • Your love to numbers in combination with your excellent communication skills enable you to transport complex messages in simple words

  • You hold profound experience in machine learning, statistical analysis and predictive modelling in business environments

  • Experienced in manipulating big data sets and working in the environment of large and complex data structures

  • You are an empathic communicator and can motivate your team

  • Your passion about implementing advanced analytics and the will to play an essential role in the future of urban transport, make you a perfect fit

  • Fluent Proficiency in Business English

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Backend Developer (Java) (m/f) wanted for leading e-hailing app (Berlin) at mytaxi (Intelligent Apps GmbH) (Berlin, Germany)

You want to be part of the next step in the evolution of mytaxi into a global player in the ride hailing industry and the establishment of mytaxi’s role in the future of autonomous vehicle platforms?

Mytaxi is building up a new team that is solving key problems relating to urban transportation. Therefore, we are keen on hiring a Backend Java Developer (m/f).

The team we are seeking to build will focus on the data behind core challenges in mobility markets including machine learning, demand prediction, surge pricing and other predictive analysis required for the upcoming challenges of autonomous driving.

The primary focus will be to build prediction systems that make use of a variety of data inputs to be integrated into various products across different systems. 

JobOffer jobOffer = new JobOffer();

Job job = Job.builder()   















Candidate candidate = Candidate.builder()   


      .add(Skill.JAVA.experience (SEVERAL_YEARS))             

      .add(Skill.SOFTWARE_DESIGN.experience (SEVERAL_YEARS))





      .setLanguages(Locale.ENGLISH, Locale.GERMAN)   


new Application(candidate).submit();

Experience in an international company or team away from your home country is a plus 

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Software Engineer - Backend (Node.js/PHP/Go) at Lalamove (Kowloon, Hong Kong)

As a software engineer, you’ll primarily be developing and maintaining features for our API and internal tools. In this role, you will be the backbone to every product; optimizing new and existing algorithms that make our operations run smoothly. You will be design, implement, and launch scalable systems to build new products, features, and services as well as improve existing ones. As Lalamove continues its rapid expansion, our products must be able to support the growth coming from our users, drivers, and orders.

What We Seek:

  • Ability to learn quickly: you will have the ability to learn new technology and frameworks to support the company’s growth

  • Detail-oriented: while detail usually relates to frontend, detail is equally important, if not more important on the backend. As our systems must be scalable, the ease of scaling and expanding is heavily determined by the backend

  • Ability to juggle many tasks: the ability to multitask and stay organized is a necessity at our company, all while making sure that new features and updates are rolled out in a timely manner 

  • Strong communicator: as a backend developer, it is of great importance to communicate frequently to everyone on the tech team to inform them of updates or changes.

What You'll Need:

  • Experience in software development using NodeJS or Golang and/or PHP

  • Business or engineering degree preferred 

  • Experience with Redis, MongoDB or other NoSQL solutions

  • Knowledge of web technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript (JQuery or AngularJS), WebSockets is an advantage

  • Experience working with MySQL 

  • Be flexible, grow, and learn quickly in a startup environment 

  •  Good team player, self-motivated and able to work independently

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Software Engineer - UI Development at JP Morgan Chase (Columbus, OH)

As a member of our Software Engineering Group you will dive head-first into creating innovative solutions that advance businesses and careers. Youll join an inspiring and curious team of technologists dedicated to improving the design, analytics, development, coding, testing and application programming that goes into creating high quality software and new products. Youll be tasked with keeping the team and other key stakeholders up to speed on the progress of whats being developed. Coming in with an understanding of the importance of end-to-end software development-such as Agile frameworks-is key. And best of all, youll be working with and sharing ideas, information and innovation with our global team of technologists from all over the world.

This role requires a wide variety of strengths and capabilities, including:

  • BS/BA degree or equivalent experience

  • Advanced knowledge of application, data and infrastructure architecture disciplines

  • Understanding of architecture and design across all systems

  • Working proficiency in developmental toolsets

  • Ability to collaborate with high-performing teams and individuals throughout the firm to accomplish common goals

  • Proficiency in one or more general purpose programming languages: Java, AngularJS or C#

  • Understanding of software skills such as business analysis, development, maintenance and software improvement

  • 5+ years of experience in UI development

  • Agile methodology experience

  • MSSQL, Oracle, Linux, Windows


Your expertise in cyber, combined with your desire to provide innovative security services, will be an asset to our Cybersecurity team. Help deliver high-quality security solutions across all our lines of business around the world by creating, designing, implementing, and maintaining next-level technology. The work youll do is vital, as it will protect over $18 trillion of assets under custody and $393 billion in deposits every day.

When you work at JPMorgan Chase & Company, you're not just working at a global financial institution. You're an integral part of one of the world's biggest tech companies.  In 14 technology hubs worldwide, our team of 40,000 technologists design, build and deploy everything from enterprise technology initiatives to big data and mobile solutions, as well as innovations in electronic payments, cybersecurity, machine learning, and cloud development.  Our $9.5B+ annual investment in technology enables us to hire people to create innovative solutions that will not only transform the financial services industry, but also change the world.

At JPMorgan Chase & Company we value the unique skills of every employee, and we're building a technology organization that thrives on diversity.  We encourage professional growth and career development, and offer competitive benefits and compensation.  If you're looking to build your career as part of a global technology team tackling big challenges that impact the lives of people and companies around the world, we want to meet you.

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Sr Software Engineer, Systems at T-Mobile USA (Denver, CO)

T-Mobile Home & Entertainment is seeking an innovative and results-oriented Sr DevOps Engineer to work with our Engineering team on developing, automating, and maintaining the platform providing our next-generation cable service.

  • Design, implement and maintain a stable, highly scalable, secure cloud infrastructure systems

  • Automate the deployment of cloud services and infrastructure

  • Design and maintain secure network between multiple public and private cloud providers

  • Architect and implement monitoring, alerting and reporting systems

  • Contribute to implementing continuous integration and testing

  • Conduct research, provide recommendations, and implement new technology solutions

  • Graduate degree or higher in CS, Computer Engineering, or a related field

  • 5+ years of experience managing cloud infrastructure, such as AWS, VMWare or Openstack

  • 5+ years of Linux Administrator experience. Linux certificate is plus.

  • 5+ years of virtualization experience, including hypervisor, storage, and networking

  • Deep knowledge of web services and databases

  • Hands-on experience with configuration management tools like Chef and Puppet

  • Able to develop using a modern scripting language such as bash, Python, Perl. High level programming languages, such as Nodejs, Ruby or C/C++, are a plus

  • Knowledge of logging and monitoring tools like Logstash and Sensu

  • Experience with NoSQL databases a plus, e.g. MongoDB

  • Experience with Docker a plus

  • Security Experience a plus

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Sr Software Engineer, Back End at T-Mobile USA (Denver, CO)

 T-Mobile Home and Entertainment is seeking an innovative and results-oriented Senior Software Engineer to work on back end APIs supporting a device-centric customer experience. This role will be a leading technical member of a growing team of software engineers.

  • Graduate degree or higher in CS, Computer Engineering, or a related field

  • 5+ years of experience with web technologies

  • 5+ years of following an Agile process

  • 3+ years of experience working on backend development

  • Proven ability to work and make design decisions independently

  • Nice-to-Haves:

  • Experience with event streaming and queuing solutions (Kafka, Storm, Redis, etc.)

  • Experience with caching and other solutions to improve performance and scalability

  • Understanding of software design patterns and micro-service architecture

  • Experience with big data frameworks (e.g., Hadoop, Spark) and data analytics

  • Experience with social integration (e.g Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

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NodeJS Engineer - Video at Diamond (Los Angeles, CA) (allows remote)

We are looking for an experienced Software Engineer who will help build next generation Live/VOD solutions across platforms. At Diamond, engineers are passionate about media and focus on delivering break-through products. As a Node.JS Software engineer, you will be working in an extremely fast paced environment where you’ll use your experience with video to help solve complex business requirements. You will be required to build highly scalable video platforms. You will need to be experienced enough to make data-driven architectural decisions.


  • Driving design and build out of a new platform

  • Integration of user-facing elements developed by front-end developers with server side logic

  • Writing reusable, testable, and efficient code

  • Implementation of security and data protection

  • Reviewing and actively participating in architectural discussions

  • Working closely with development, integration and test teams to ensure product quality.

  • Supporting operations by providing deployment and sustained engineering support for all responsible systems and technologies

Qualification Requirements:  

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent degree

  • 5+ years of experience in a software development role

  • Excellent programming skills with Node.JS

  • Very comfortable with ES2015 or greater

  • Experiencing using npm and yarn package management tools

  • Experience with video file formats/delivery, codecs and delivery protocols (HLS/DASH)

  • Experience developing maintainable, organized code

  • Excellent documentation skills

  • Experience with Continuous Integration and Agile methodologies

  • Exceptional communication, presentation and negotiation skills

  • Ability to balance short-term goals and long-term vision

  • Ability to innovate and provide efficient implementations

  • Understanding of the design and implementation of low-latency, high-availability, high-performing backends

  • Experience with implementation of automated testing platform and unit tests

  • Proficiency with code version tools such as Git, BitBucket

  • Vendor / partner evaluation

  • Solution-oriented, highly motivated and proactive self-starter

  • Strategic mindset coupled with a keen attention to detail

  • Comfort in balancing multiple projects/priorities in a fast-paced, high pressure environment

Preferred Skills

  • Experience developing software in at least one of the following areas: media playback/media streaming/media workflow management/content management

  • Understanding of fundamental design principles behind a distributed and scalable application

  • Continuous Integration and Deployment Experience using DevOps tools such as Jenkins

  • Working knowledge of Web App development using HTML/CSS

  • In-depth knowledge of creation of automated unit and integration testing

  • Excellent written, communication, inter personal, liaison and problem-solving skills with the ability to work in multi-cultural environment

  • Experience with Linux, Ubuntu/Debian

  • Experience developing backend services and RESTful APIs

  • Experience with build systems like Gulp, Grunt, Webpack, etc

  • A gadget junkie

About Diamond

Diamond is a digital technology agency that defines and delivers technology innovation from idea to product, seamlessly fueling the ever-evolving consumer experience. The Diamond team has decades of expertise in building web, software, and mobile development projects for clients ranging from startups to Fortune 100 across many scales. Established by Technology experts deeply connected within the developer community, we pride ourselves in bringing the best people with the most innovative technology projects. We offer flexibility, benefits, several perks, and a team oriented trusting environment. Check us out on

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Front-End/Web Developer at Small Planet Digital (Brooklyn, NY)

We are seeking an experienced Web Developer to join our team.

Specifically, you will:

  • Work closely with our design and editorial team

  • Evaluate development tools and drive website architectural decisions

  • Create and implement responsive front-end features to provide the best user experience across devices and browsers

  • Develop or select a CMS that allows for website updates

  • Develop application features considering search engine optimization, content updates, and scalability 

Skills & Requirements

At least 3 years of experience as a web engineer, with specific experience creating, implementing and sustaining responsive websites. You should be proficient in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and related technologies. Proficiency in Git and jQuery is also highly desirable. A working knowledge of CMS implementation and server-side programing languages is required. 

In addition to your CV please send us a cover email letting us know why you think you will be a good fit for us here at Small Planet.

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Full Stack Software Developer (Ruby on Rails) at Orange Barrel Media (Columbus, OH)

As a Software Developer at Orange Barrel Media, you will be on the ground floor of a team that is leading the growth of innovative state-of-the-art interactive kiosks. IKE Smart City ( an exciting communication platform being deployed in urban downtown areas nationwide. IKE connects cities with people through vivid, life-size touchscreen displays, providing an ever-expanding suite of applications that helps them to explore the very best a city has to offer. Your work will be used by tens of thousands of pedestrians every day, helping them to discover and navigate cities, including food, shopping, events, and social services. It will also allow them to share feedback with cities and stay informed about important events.
Come join our growing team and help build the Midwest’s next great tech company.
Our Tech Stack:

  • Kiosks: Ubuntu linux running a custom Electron browser

  • Back-end: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis

  • Front-end: React, ES6 Javascript, SCSS, Webpack

  • Mobile: On the roadmap for the future

  • Testing: Mocha, Spectron, Jest, Rspec, Capybara

  • Infrastructure: Heroku, AWS, Ansible

  • Tooling: GitHub, Pivotal Tracker, Slack

What You'll Do:

Typical responsibilities for Orange Barrel Media Full Stack Software Developers include:

  • Design and develop web applications for the IKE Smart City platform, from concept to delivery, to provide interactive discovery and wayfinding to pedestrians in urban areas

  • Help to define and implement the IKE platform’s feature set to best meet the needs of multiple cities

  • Define and implement how the IKE platform integrates with third-party services

  • Scaling technology from it’s initial implementation to thousands of units in cities nationwide

  • Build automation for kiosks to scale, update, and deploy software on new systems and  across the installed base

  • Support the installed base of kiosks troubleshooting and resolving issues discovered in the field and driving related product improve

  • Create and improve technical operating infrastructure that enables our platform to run reliably and allows other developers to move quickly and easily from concept to production

  • Maintain and apply knowledge of current security threats and vulnerabilities, and keep software and systems up to date and detect and mitigate intrusion

  • Use/build tools to visualize performance metrics and provide monitoring and alerting to the team

  • Work on projects that bring IKE’s features and benefits to mobile platforms

  • Define how Orange Barrel Media does software development

  • Establish Orange Barrel Media as a best place to work for the most talented software developers

About You:

  • Four-year computer science or engineering degree or equivalent experience

  • 5+ years full-stack development experience

  • Modern web framework experience, Ruby on Rails and React preferred

  • High proficiency and experience throughout the software stack with an emphasis on systems and the back end

  • Passion for building new things, processes, and culture

  • Ability to thrive in a dynamic, customer-driven environment

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Mid to Senior Web Application Developer in Rails or Elixir at Gaslight (Cincinnati, OH)

Developers at Gaslight are consultants as much as hands-on coders. Developers play a significant role in not only building client apps but helping our clients figure out what to build. Developers work closely with designers, collaborating on the overall look, feel, usability and flow, as well as code.

Gaslight developers have the power to push for new ideas and help clients understand the value of the work we’re delivering. They’re given great autonomy. Our developers work on small teams, typically with another developer, a designer, and the client.

Traits of a Gaslight Developer

  • Look forward to digging in and consulting with clients. Helping them identify business problems and figuring out how to solve them with technology and agile work processes.

  • Love closely collaborating with developers, designers, clients, and sometimes even copywriters.

  • Have competence with Ruby and JavaScript, as well as an interest in learning emerging technologies like Elixir. iOS experience is a plus.

  • Easily cross the boundaries between front- and back-end development.

  • Have experience shipping projects to production, as well as fine-tuning and maintaining those apps.

  • Embrace an agile development process, open source tools and Kanban project management.

Given our hands-on approach and the high value we place on in-person collaboration, we’re only entertaining applicants willing to work full-time in our office. Relocation expenses may be available if you’re moving from out of state.

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Backbone Network Engineer at Apple Inc. (Cork, Ireland)

This position will be responsible for daily engineering and deployment within Core Network Services in Europe, supporting Apples MPLS backbone as well as its extensive edge connectivity. The successful candidate will demonstrate leadership and collaboration skills in working both with other IS&T organisations and their peers to build and maintain the networking infrastructure. They will need to develop and maintain clear documentation and procedures associated with designing and implementing new deployments, provisioning new circuits, and sustaining operations. This position provides the opportunity to build and manage a world-wide, multivendor ISP-class network that includes metro and long haul optical interconnectivity.

Key Qualifications:
Good experience in IP, BGP, MPLS, MP-BGP, IS-IS, RSVP and LDP.
Solid understanding of wide area networking in a content or service provider, or very large-scale enterprise, environments.
Experience supporting a large peering/transit network, with a sound knowledge of the traffic engineering and routing policy development this needs.
Hands-on experience with carrier-grade routers and operating systems required.
Strong analytical and organisational skills, including the proven ability to adapt to a dynamic project environment and manage multiple projects simultaneously.
In addition, experience in troubleshooting DWDM optical equipment, with Craft/WebGUI, CLI, TL1 and NMS solutions, useful.

This position will support and implement Apples backbone network to address a wide variety of business challenges.

The candidate will need to excel in a fast-paced and dynamic environment with the ability to multi-task and provide not only operational support but work closely with members of the Core Services team to provide solutions to grow our network infrastructure.

This position requires a collaborative team player who will work in cross-functional groups and have the ability and willingness to work with others.

The responsibilities also include updating and maintaining existing networks to current standards, sustaining operations, and contributing to technical documentation.

The engineer will need to obsess over the customer experience and to drive operational excellence in every aspect of their work.

In addition to the technical networking skills, this position also requires strong people skills and an individual who enjoys the dynamic nature of Apples environment.

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Data Center Chief Engineer at Apple Inc. (Viborg, Denmark)

The Data Center Chief Engineer position will report to the Site Manager, with overall responsibilities for operating and maintaining the data center critical facilities infrastructure and managing the related staff. You will be a key member of the Viborg, Denmark Data Center and part of Apples Global Data Center Services Group.
Imagine what you could do here. At Apple, great ideas have a way of becoming great products, services, and customer experiences very quickly. Bring passion and dedication to your job and there's no telling what you could accomplish.

Key Qualifications:
Extensive infrastructure experience with a focus on Data Center Facilities operations.
Strong leadership and management skills and experience.
A very good understanding of electrical and mechanical systems in use in the Data Center environment including substations, transformers, generators, switchgear, UPS systems, ATS & ASTS units, PDU/RPP units, chillers, cooling towers, CRAC/CRAH units.
Ability to communicate effectively and provide direction to employees, contractors and vendors performing maintenance or upgrade work on systems installed in a Data Center environment.
Must understand the Data Center production environment and excel in customer service.
Data Center Management construction and or commissioning experience highly desirable.
Ability to learn quickly, work autonomously, and address any issues that arise day or night.
Detail oriented.
A willingness to provide on-call support in case of emergencies or other off-hours issues
Strong verbal and written communication skills.

Work directly with to manage preventive maintenance activities as well as infrastructure upgrades.
Build and foster a culture of teamwork at the site.
Manage others to perform daily responsibilities.
Report to and interact with senior management as required.
Manage the installation, repair, and maintenance of critical facility systems.
Responsible for scheduling and managing the regular testing of facility equipment.
Responsible for executing and tracking planned facilities work at the Data Center.
Plan and coordinate the implementation of new Data Center facilities projects.
Monitor and report on facilities system utilization, capacities, and performance, including power and water.
Review existing procedures and implement needed additional maintenance procedures.
Prepare site documentation including floor layouts and engineering designs.
Develop site solutions in support of various key infrastructure and business needs.
Review and develop MOPs, SOOs and other procedures for the data centre environment.

Preferred to have a BS or BS and 5+ years of related experience

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Data Centre Site Operations Manager at Apple Inc. (Viborg, Denmark)

This position owns the operation and management of the Apple Data Center site located in Viborg, Denmark, to provide stable and cost effective hosting services for Apples internal and external applications and services including Mission Critical services such as iTunes, iCloud, Apple Online Store, Apples Retail stores, Siri, Apple Maps, Apple Pay as well as critical Enterprise services such as SAP, Directory Services and credit card processing systems.

Key Qualifications:
Preferred previous senior management experience with up to director level responsibility for data center and other IT disciplines.
Will have successfully managed high density, Internet Data Centers of a size and complexity commensurate with Apples Data Centers.
Data Center and Systems Management experience with best practices in the area of data center operations and infrastructure monitoring, Problem Management, Change Management and Configuration Management.
Effective leadership abilities, ability to plan, organize, and motivate others to achieve objectives.
Ability to make timely and effective decisions that are based on sound judgment and business rationale.
Excellent project management and project planning skills; strong organization skills and professional demeanor. Ability to work under pressure and manage difficult situations.
Must have previous relevant experience of managing technical senior individual contributors and managers.

This person will join the Apple Data Center team initially as part of the project team to plan and construct the data center, once the site is operational they will be required to set and maintain a culture of operational rigor throughout all teams at the site, manage high priority problems, handle escalations and maintain timely and accurate communication to executive management. They will also inspire and support effective collaboration, communication and teamwork within the sites operations and with other DC sites.

In this role the person will work closely with other Apple DC site managers on the development and effective deployment of standard procedures and practices across all sites as well as driving a culture of continual improvement throughout their site.

Accountable for:

The management of all activities within the boundaries of the assigned site
The detailed management of all facilities related activities covering both electrical and mechanical systems at the Data Centers. Management of both planned maintenance and break-fix activities including all implementation planning work scheduling and associated change management. Root cause analysis and corrective action formulation and closure for any significant incidents.
The detailed management of all racking and cabling for the installation, movement and decommissioning of devices hosted at the data center. Management of customer service requests for this work including rack elevation and structured cabling planning, work scheduling and associated change management. Delivery of these services to agreed quality and service levels and the publishing of quality and service level reports. Root cause analysis and corrective action formulation and closure for any significant incidents.
The detailed management of site material receiving, shipping, inventory management and materials movement on site in support of both Facilities operations and Site Services operations. Site Logistics operations.
Collaboration with peer Data Center managers to develop, publish and maintain standard processes covering all areas of DC Site Operations. These processes to be consistent across all data center sites and adhered to by all personnel working at the data center site.
Collaboration with peer Data Center managers to develop and pursue continual improvement initiatives to drive down total cost of DC operations and drive up service quality.
Collaboration with the GDCS Capacity Management team to ensure availability of and effective utilization of available DC space and power.
Collaboration with Data Center Architecture and Design team to drive down total cost of DC operations and reduce DC delivery lead time.
Collaboration with other IS&T leaders to develop, put into place and maintain readiness for those portions of IS&Ts Disaster Recovery planning that relate to the Data Center site. To rapidly and effectively put into effect those Disaster Recovery plans when called upon.
Publication of weekly, monthly and quarterly site operational dashboards and reports.
Site capital expenditure planning, forecasting, management and control
Site operational expense planning, forecasting, management and control
Site headcount planning, forecasting, recruitment management and control
Staff performance planning and management including the development and management of performance plans that align with GDCS overall goals and objectives.
Site environmental matters.
Site health and safety matters.
Site security matters including relevant areas of SOX and PCI process compliance.

Preferred to have a BSc or BA and 10+ years of related experience with a consistent record of progressively increasing responsibilities.

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Siri - Big Data Engineer at Apple Inc. (Cambridge, UK)

Want to work on the cutting edge of software engineering, machine learning and big data? Join Apples Siri team in Cambridge, UK, and be part of revolutionising human-machine interaction!

We are looking to hire an expert Big Data Engineer with strong technical skills to work on the processing, analysis and preparation of huge sets of data for use in training machine learned models for use in Siri. You will be joining a highly talented team of renowned academics, top software engineers and experienced machine learning practitioners to develop the next generation of Siri. We have access to incredible resources including huge compute grids, top-quality machine learning tools, and large quantities of data. We work together to push the boundaries of artificial intelligence with a single aim: make a real difference to the lives of the hundreds of millions of Siri users.


Key Qualifications:
Extensive software engineering and coding abilities
Passionate about Big Data technologies, including data exploration, visualisation, distributed processing, and applications at scale
Good experience in Scala or Java
Good experience with Spark and/or Hadoop
Experience with data pipelines for large quantities of data (Desired)
Understanding of data annotation and how ML models are trained (Desired)
Good data is key to machine learned models. We engineer distributed data pipelines that power cutting-edge ML and data visualisations. Each commit you make has the potential to impact the lives of hundreds of millions of Siri users worldwide through the creation of better data.

The ideal candidate has a familiarity with data annotation and how it is used in building real world ML models, and in addition to experience in Scala and Spark, has written in scripting languages for visualising or annotating data.

BS or MSc in Computer Science (other relevant experience considered)

Additional Requirements:
Research experience involving the use or creation of datasets, corpora, and annotation is a plus.

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Content Partner Engineer - Apple TV at Apple Inc. (London, UK)

The Apple TV team is looking for an experienced engineer with a passion for delivering first in class home entertainment solutions. The candidate will work with talented engineers in a fast paced, technically demanding environment.

The individual must be self motivated, an excellent problem solver and a fast learner. Very strong technical skills and a track record of multi-tasking is a must.

Key Qualifications:
Experience with video technologies
Strong experience with markup languages such as XML, HTML, and XSD
Strong experience with scripting languages, in particular Javascript, but others such as bash are helpful too
Experience in QA/QC, issue tracking
Familiarity with streaming video technologies such as HTTP live streaming a big plus
Familiarity with Java and/or iOS/Cocoa development a big plus
Ability to work with and manage multiple projects and timelines, so time management will be crucial.

* Provide technical support to external vendors as they integrate their content on Apple TV

* Help build and maintain data adapters for content from external vendors

* Evaluate vendor video streams, and serve as liaison to internal video groups to help resolve issues

* Responsible for reporting vendor progress and tracking issues to resolution

* Responsible for gathering vendor feedback on new features to include in Apple TV

BS CS/CE/EE or equivalent experience

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Maps Data SW Engineering Manager at Apple Inc. (Paris, France)

The Apple Maps Engineering team is looking for a self-motivated innovative team manager. We are constantly optimising and improving our data platform to deliver the highest-quality experience to our customers.

As a leader within our team, you will be responsible for executing technical direction, scheduling and the delivery of new stable and robust product features. Communication and organisational skills are critical for this role. Because you will be located outside of the US, your excellent communication skills will be important as you interact on a regular basis with many different engineering teams and individuals (including senior management), as well as other groups throughout Maps.

The ideal candidate thrives in an ambiguous and fast-paced environment and is able to work well with both software and hardware groups to solve hard problems and build great features.

Key Qualifications:
Proven experience in software engineering developing object-oriented software combined with a track record of success in a senior leadership role
Flexible and able to deal with ambiguity, address uncertainty and adapt to changing priorities
Extraordinary communication and relationship skills, including the ability to collaborate cross-functionally both up and down within the global organisation
Proven team leadership through hiring and mentoring of individual contributors/experts and software development leaders
Ability to keep teams focused on common goals and exceeding delivery expectations
Strong organisational skills, solid judgment and ability to build teams from ground up
Strong problem-solving skills and resourcefulness
Exceptional attention to detail and attention towards the customer experience

* Demonstrate good leadership by providing an objective, high energy, consistent work ethic

* Lead and mentor the team to ensure efficient operations and development

* Ensure effective communication within the team by holding staff meetings, and roundtables to provide clear and concise direction

* Ensure crisp concise communication upward and outward related to team activities and deliverables

* Enjoy and seek out cross functional collaboration opportunities

* Represent the team and its technology in technical and project meetings

* Drive product features, functional specifications, and development schedules

* Scope and prioritize feature deliverables and bug fixes

* Drive initiatives that increase efficiency to help scale and improve our tools and products

* Drive operational Improvements, share best practices, seek & take action on improvement opportunities

Degree or equivalent experience

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Software Engineer (Developer Productivity Team) at mongoDB (New York, NY)

Team Description

Building reliable and robust software requires an even more reliable and robust infrastructure, with tools designed to pinpoint any weaknesses. MongoDB is seeking an engineer to improve the way Server team engineers write new tests, debug existing tests, and develop test plans. The team's mission is to spread a culture of testing and rigor across the Server team.

Candidate Profile

The right candidate for this role—in addition to being passionate about enabling others to do their job more efficiently and effectively—also has the following background and aptitudes:

  • Experience with testing (or working with) distributed systems and enterprise software

  • Experience with diagnosing subtle bugs using debuggers and tracing tools (GDB, WinDbg, SystemTap, etc.)

  • Experience with scripting and automating processes on either Linux or Windows

  • Knowledge of a modern scripting language, such as JavaScript or Python

  • Familiarity with a compiled programming language, such as C, C++, or Go, and an appetite for exploring a large C++ codebase

  • Excellent communication skills for documenting and reporting defects in a public bug tracker

  • Excellent communication skills for interacting with stakeholders in requirements gathering, design, proof-of-concept demonstrations, implementation, and support

Position Expectations

  • Develop automation frameworks and test suites that run reliably and continuously on multiple operating systems and platforms (Linux, Windows, OS X, Solaris, etc.)

  • Develop tools and processes that empower Server team engineers to identify gaps in the testing of their own code

  • Collaborate with other engineers to perform root-cause analyses and preliminary problem investigation

  • Consult with Server team engineers on requirements and strategies for testing new features or functionality

Success Measures

A software engineer is considered successful in this role after having taken on the following responsibilities:

  • Technical: Improve the diagnostics available or reduce the amount of manual work required for investigating why a test failed

  • Ownership: Actively participate in the design, test plan, code review, and implementation of testing for a new feature or functionality

  • Communication: Detail clear and concise steps to reproduce a problem and demonstrate a complete understanding of its root-cause

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Lead Mobile Engineer (iOS and/or Android) - infancy stage! at mongoDB (New York, NY)

MongoDB Stitch, is a new backend as a service that lets you directly access MongoDB anywhere and interact with other services such as AWS S3, SES, GitHub, and Twilio. Stitch is backed by declarative rules and functions, that create your code that we run for you  ( 

The Stitch Mobile team will own the integration of Stitch with MongoDB Mobile as well as all of the SDKs for Stitch (Stitch currently supports SDKs for IOS, Android and Web/Node). The mobile MongoDB effort will allow developers to have a local instance of MongoDB on their mobile devices and get the same API they expect to use with MongoDB anywhere else within the mobile SDKs. These SDKs are critical to Stitch, allowing developers to deliver the same app across multiple platforms.

The Stitch team is entirely based out of New York City. Members of the team are passionate about API design, the mobile platforms space, and making developers lives easier and more efficient. The technologies the team works with are Swift, Java, JavaScript (ES6/Flow), iOS, Android, and more to come.

The ideal candidate will have...

  • 5+ years of experience with developing apps/libraries on mobile platforms

  • 2+ years in a management position

  • Expertise in one of iOS or Android library development

  • A love for designing and implementing ergonomic APIs

  • A desire for continuous learning of new technologies, languages, and platforms

  • The skills of a mentor, an effective communicator, an engineer, and a team leader

  • The ability to self-start and improve themselves, the team, and our technologies

  • Some experience in distributed systems

  • Some experience with Go or C++

  • Some experience with MongoDB

Position Expectations

  • Collaborate with teams across the company including Product and Design

  • Contribute to code across all of the SDKs

  • Balance your time between coding, designing, mentorship, and leading your team

  • Participate in the code review process

  • Use agile practices to deliver features on a predictable schedule

  • Grow and recruit new team members

  • Work with team to design and implement new features

The Lead Mobile Engineer will be successful in this role when they...

  • Know their way around each of the SDKs

  • Know how to communicate effectively with other teams to achieve a common goal

  • Can be a source of guidance and advice to their own team members and other teams

  • Build a relationship with their team around trust

  • Are able to plan and execute on delivering features on a predictable basis while working with Product and Design

  • Can forge a path to planning, executing, and delivering features while working cross-functionally with our Product and Design teams

  • Have a vision for the future of the product and can articulate the way forward

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CUDA Expert (ASAP!) at Liberty Reach Inc. (Seattle, WA) (allows remote)

CUDA Expert Consultant

We're looking for a CUDA consultant as soon as possible (starting Friday 18 May 2018). You'll help us identify and work through a possible configuration issue of CUDA running on Windows.

Do you know a lot about CUDA on Windows? Are you also very familiar with event logs? Have you written CUDA code that has run on a variety of Nvidia cards?

If you can answer these questions, AND if you have engineering consulting experience, please send us a message explaining your experience, your availability, and your fee structure.

If you know enough to help us, we'll discuss contract work either in the Seattle area or remotely. Travel to your site is also a possibility.

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Front End Engineer - JavaScript / React.JS at (New York, NY)

Tomorrow Sleep the global leader in sleep products is seeking Front End Engineer that has extensive experience working with JavaScript. This JavaScript / Front End Engineer will work directly on the firm's global e-commerce platform. The Ideal Front End / JavaScript Engineer  will also have a strong background in HTML, CSS and a major plus for any Magento of e-commerce experience

This company is a new kind of sleep company that believes in the power of sleep to change lives. Leveraging the knowledge, research and engineering expertise provided by its sister company they have created the first truly connected sleep system with smart technology designed to help you transform your sleep and wake to your full potential


  • Collaborate with all other Tech Leads to define architecture & strategy.

  • Create and implement standards and practices for developing code

  • Keep up to date with modern frontend technology as it evolves, such as shared libraries & ways of compiling CSS & minifying JS

  • Keep codebase lean & consistent - minimize complexity, prevent unnecessary divergence & duplication, remove what’s old & unused

  • Collaborate with architects, engineers & DevOps to implement workflows, automated testing, and anything else it takes to get quality code to production

  • Ensure exceptional frontend performance, so that our mobile sites, apps, and websites delight our customers with their speed

  • Coach and mentor the team.


  • Technical background – an expert in engineering principles and design patterns.

  • Deep understanding of Javascript

  • Positive, collaborative, and solution-oriented approach

  • Pro-active ability to dive into the code and troubleshoot

  • Ability to communicate clearly to both engineers and business stakeholders

  • Solution design experience, with demonstrable success in large-scale projects

  • Comfortable working in an Agile Scrum team and using Jira

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Senior Software Engineer (Back End) at (New York, NY)

Noken, a NYC-based startup full of ambitious travel lovers and supported by top-tier
VCs. We looked at how travel is done today and realized that we could do it better. While other
companies pile on more choices, we offer fewer. Each of our trips is a curated, self-guided
end-to-end experience designed to empower our travelers to feel smart and savvy. At our core,
we believe that encountering different cultures profoundly changes a person, and we want to
be a part of that change.

You can help us do that! We just closed our seed round, so as one of our six new hires we're
looking for an experienced back-end engineer who can help us reach the next level. As the first
dedicated back-end engineer, you'll have a major impact in setting the stage for our future

What you'll do
You'll be working with our small team of engineers to create the next generation of Noken by
building our services layer with Go (Golang) and gRPC. You'll also participate in making highlevel
decisions. What does the architecture look like? What's our deployment and CI strategy?
You'll be an influential voice in making important choices like these.
Who you are

You've worked in Go, Python, or another back-end language for at least 1-2 years, and your
AWS experience goes beyond S3. You know your way around the terminal, and you have at
least 3-5 years of software engineering experience overall.
You're a master of writing testable libraries, but you're also pragmatic and focused on the
80/20. We use Docker, so it's great if you have experience with that, too.
Most importantly, you thrive in a collaborative environment. You communicate clearly, listen
with an open mind, and give feedback humanely. You know that everyone on the team has an
important role to play.

What we offer
• Competitive salary, equity
• Collaborative work environment
• Meaningful impact and opportunity for career growth
• Health, vision, and dental insurance
• Retirement savings plan
• Awesome team outings

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Senior Software Engineer, LinkNYC at Intersection Co. (New York, NY)

What is the role?

As a Senior Software Engineer at Intersection, you will help build the IoT Platform underlying LinkNYC. You’ll be an integral part of shaping, developing, and managing our fleet of Links. You will implement and manage customer and product solutions, bringing new functionality to our platform across our stack.

This role requires you to be an excellent Java and Scala developer, with interest or experience working on a hardware product.

Your first 30 days:

  • Spend time with engineers and product getting up to speed on the current project

  • Begin implementing features from our backlog to familiarize yourself with our platform

  • Have conversations with people across the team to build your understanding of Link, our processes, and Intersection

Your first 60 days:

  • Work with the Director of Engineering and the rest of the engineers to refine the Link engineering team’s practices and processes

  • Create tools to collect data and make decisions based on it

  • Develop a deep understanding of the business environment and strategy

  • Develop significant new functionality for our tablets, single board computers, and backend services

Your first 90 days:

  • Get involved with our hiring process to bring more engineers into our team

  • Participate in and lead technical decisions for Link

  • Continue deploying your code to our growing fleet of over 1500 Links

  • Collaborate to define the technical needs for continued worldwide Link fleet expansion

You are awesome for this role because:

  • You have 5+ years of software engineering experience, and are comfortable writing code in Java and/or Scala

  • You care about building clear, maintainable code

  • You have experience working with brands and agencies in digital or traditional media

  • You are excellent at communicating and collaborating, especially with folks who aren't engineers

  • You care about continuous integration and delivery

  • You have a track record of building and operating successful products and platforms

  • You have worked with IoT and device testing

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Mobile Lead LinkNYC at Intersection Co. (New York, NY)

What is the role?

As the technical lead for Link’s Mobile Team, you will serve a key role in scaling Intersection’s Link product. We are growing both within our existing fleet, and bringing Link to new cities. Additionally, we are on the path to deliver new mobile experiences to our users. You will help lead the charge of this expansion.

Starting in NYC, Link has now expanded to London and Philadelphia with more cities to come soon. With this expansion, we are looking to bolster user engagement with new consumer applications. Working with the rest of the team, you will make hands-on engineering contributions while ensuring that the team of engineers is executing in alignment with the overall vision by providing guidance and technical direction.

This role requires you to be an excellent mobile engineer across iOS (using Swift) and Android as well as manage people and projects on a growing team.

Your First 30 Days:

  • Spend time with engineers and product getting up to speed on the current mobile projects, and implement features from our backlog to get a sense of the current individual contributor experience.

  • Collaborate with the Director of Engineering to transfer team leadership responsibilities

Your First 60 Days:

  • Take over leadership and management responsibilities of the mobile team

  • Work closely with product to define sprint goals and ensure on-time delivery of stories

  • Work with the Director of Engineering to define the growth plan for the mobile team

  • Lead the release of our first consumer mobile application

  • Continue to pick up work from the backlog

Your First 90 Days:

  • Work with product, design, and business partners to scope and plan future mobile projects for Link

  • Release new versions of our first application

  • Hire mobile engineers to expand the team

  • Write code across our mobile codebases

You are awesome for this role because:

  • You have at least 5 years of experience in an engineering driven product environment.

  • You are a strong programmer, preferably with Swift and Java.

  • You are excellent at communicating and collaborating, especially with folks who aren't engineers.

  • You have experience launching new mobile applications, as well as maintaining existing ones.

  • You are passionate about leading teams in an iterative development environment

  • You have opinions about a good methods for testing mobile applications

  • You care about automating and improving tasks.

  • You have implemented features for digital products and services

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