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Infosys questions


1st Test: Aptitude (11 puzzles for 1 hour)
2nd Test: Communication & English. – (Reading comprehension, Synonyms, Equivalent sentence, sentence jumbles ,Tenses, error correction in sentences, filling the blanks in sentences with appropriate .words, finding meanings of phrases ,etc. This test contains 45 questions for 45 marks- 30 minutes)

1) There are 5 sets of 20 balls each of 5 different colors. All are in 1 box. What is the min number of balls you have to pick such that u will surely get 2 same colors?

2) An old man walks daily at the speed of 4km per hour in the level land. Continues his walking at the speed of 3km per hour in the hill land. Returns back at the speed of 6km per hour in the hill land. Returns back to his starting point at the speed of 4km per hour in the level land. If he starts walking at 1pm, he will return home only at 9pm. What is the length in his one way? (4 mark)

3) I wanted to meet ram. He asked me to meet him 1 day before 2 days after the day after tomorrow. If today is Friday, what day shall I meet him.

4) An old lady have age between 50 & 70 her each son has same no of brothers as his own sons. What is the age of the lady? Age of the lady is equal to the total members in the family excluding the lady. (2 marks)

5). x x x x
y y y y
+ z z z z
y x x x z
Find the values for x, y, z? (4 marks)

6). If Sac’s age is equal to his father’s age, then his sister’s age will be doubled. If his sister’s age is equal to the father’s age. The sum of the Sac’s age, his sister’s age and their father’s age is century. Find out their age at present. (4 mark)

7). Two merchants went to the custom’s office… One gave 5 barrels and 40 franc as a tax. Another one gave 20 barrels and got 40 franc back. Find out the tax paid by each one of them. And also find the total amount of barrels they had? (I’m not sure with these data.)

8). Four men are there named as Ram, Suren, Dhiva, and Suresh. The pets used by them are Dog, Cat, Mouse, Hamster. Suresh never had mouse. The man who used to have cat is having mouse. The man who used to have mouse doesn’t have cat. Except one, no one prefer same pet. Ram had a dog once. Dhiva doesn’t speak throughout the conversation. Find out the pets usually used by each person and the pets now used by each person.(6 marks)
Answer: Name Used to have now
-------- ---------------- -------
Dhiva Hamster Hamster
Suresh Dog Cat
Ram Mouse Dog
Suren Cat Mouse

9). A five digit number. The third digit is the biggest among the all digits. The second digit is the smallest among the all digits. There is two prime numbers in this number (1 is not a prime number). Fifth digit is half of the fourth digit. The first digit is one less than that of the third digit. The sum of the fourth and fifth digits is less than that of the first digit. The fifth digit is in between the fourth and second digit. Find out that number. (-6 marks)

10). Jacob, Peter, Williams, jerry are from different countries each of them speak at least two out of the four languages-German, English, Italian, French. There is no common language in which all the four can speak.

1. No one can speak both German and French.
2. Jerry doesn’t speak English but he acts as an interpreter between Jacob and Peter.
3. Jacob can speak German and can converse with Williams, but Williams cannot speak a word in German.
4. Jerry, Peter, William cannot speak in a common language.
5. Only one language is spoken by more than 2 persons.

Find the two languages spoken by each of them. (8 marks)
(Tip for the answer: Italian is spoken by three persons)
11). There are five people like banker, worker, cashier; the data related to them were given… Have to find who is who? – (8 marks)