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3 Simple techniques to crack your next interview

  1. Impress the interviewer in Tell me about yourself question
           The interviewer starts every interview with the formal tell me about yourself question. And this is a great chance to prove yourself and impress the interviewer. Before you go for an interview, prepare yourself for such a question and shortlist the points which you feel great about yourself. Show how you are eager to work for the company and how you have worked well in the past. Your sign of good work in past will tell the interviewer that you will work good in the future. And he does not like to miss you. Make an impressing story about yourself for the next interview and see how this simple thing makes your interview so easy.
  2. Be humble and practice humble assertiveness
    In an interview, what matters is your attitude. The way you handle the situation on the interview hour is the key thing which plays a major role in  getting the job. Remember the following quote always.
    What matters in your interview is ATTITUDE and not aptitude.
  3. Ask questions at the end of an interview
    You should ask some questions to the interviewer at the end of an interview to show that you are passionate about this job. But always remember the above said advice(technique 2) even if you ask questions. This is the end of your interview and hence subconsciously your interviewer decide whether to hire you or not based on the questions you ask. Use the opportunity to grab your job.