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WalmartLabs SDET interview process

WalmartLabs interview process is easier when compared to other tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft and Google but the quality of work is at par with those giants. You will have 1 phone interview and 4 face to face interviews.

  1. Phone interview -  You will be tested on basic coding and problem solving skills. You should be familiar with one programming language and should possess very good understanding of algorithms and time/memory complexities.
  2. Problem solving & Coding - You will be given one algorithmic question of medium complexity. You are expected to give an algorithm, write code in any language and write testcases for it.
  3. Design & Java - You will be given a design question for a simple software system and expected to come up with system design. You should be able to discuss in deep the pros and cons of your design and come up with variations. You might also be tested on your knowledge on distributed systems and concurrency in java.
  4. Hiring Manager - You will be tested on culture and team fit. Questions will mostly be behavioral and open-ended. You might get one programming question also.
  5. Bar raiser - Getting this interview depends on the team you are being hired. You will get a mix of coding, behavioral and testing questions. It's a good opportunity for you to evaluate the team which you will be working on and know it's roadmap, challenges, etc.
If it is a campus interview, phone interview will be replaced by written round and there is no director round.