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Data Scientist/Project Manager in Data Scientist Team at Fourth Valley Concierge (Koto, Japan)

Please choose the position you would like to apply for from below.
*We have other positions as well so if you pass CV screening we will inform you other possibilities.

1.Data Scientist

In this position, you will analyze enormous amounts of data taken in at the logistics sites, pull out the most useful logic, and model data in order to realize optimal distribution operations. Background does not matter. We are seeking someone who, as a member of the R&D launch team, will contribute to the construction of new logic in the logistics field.

1. Requirements definition, project management
- Work with data, algorithms and analytic base technology in order to develop Intelligent Logistics products
- Understand problems of fellow research partners, and develop and revise your approaches. (Proceeding to cost-benefit analysis is preferred)

2. Data Analysis
- In accordance with requirements definition, conduct data processing and data analysis with open source software on the data gathered from marketing, sales, transportation and delivery, and from warehouses.

3. Algorithm development and testing
- Using statistics and machine learning, you will carry out construction of a next-generation distribution base. (In particular, using demand forecasting, space statistics, network analysis, and group study techniques.)
- Investigate information on the latest technology through participation in conferences such as KDD, GTC, Deep Learning Summit and others inside and outside the country, and accumulation of data that could be expected to result in productization.

2.Project Manager in Data Scientist Team

Ground Co., Ltd. is currently developing DyAS (Dynamic Allocation System) for logistics cash flow improvement software. The data scientist team supports this development and they are now looking for a Project Manager to oversee the data scientist team for this project.

They are looking for a Project Manager to make an immediate impact by building tools to scale Ground’s business and using logical thinking to analyze data as they rapidly expand. You will guide the team through the development of highly complex features, using your experience to make tradeoff decisions, prioritize the right things, and ensure they are creating extremely high quality product.
We are not looking for someone with a background as a Data scientist but Project Managers who can drive the product roadmap from strategy to execution through a rapid, test and learn approach that generates real impact in logistic environment.

1. Project Management and Requirement Definition
- Management of Intelligent Logistics Organize data, algorithms, analytical foundation technologies.
- Understand the challenges faced by collaborative partner's parties and appropriate approaches and make new proposals (cost-effectiveness analysis)

2. Data Analysis
- Data processing as well as analysis work, combining OSS tools with mass data covering marketing, sales, transportation and in-house work according to the requirement definition.
- Understand the Pros and Cons of various analysis methods to explain to customers.

3. Algorithm Development and Investigation
- Construct the next generation physical distribution infrastructure using statistical and machine learning methods (especially using demand forecasting, spatial statistics, network analysis, and group learning technology)
- Participate in domestic and overseas conferences such as KDD, GTC, Deep Learning Summit, and utilize the candidates themselves or various networks owned by the company, investigate the latest technology circumstances, and obtain information on technologies that can be expected to be commercialized.

Work Location: the SOHO 3F 2-7-4, Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo


1.Data Scientist

Annual Salary range: 5-8m JPY

2.Project Manager in Data Scientist Team

Annual salary system (Depend on skills, experience and ability)
- Overtime work of 45 hours included
- Full payment of commuter transportation expenses (maximum 150,000 yen)
- Social Insurance
Remote work is allowed.

Welfare and Benefit

[Work Time]
Full Flextime work environment

Saturday, Sunday, National holidays, summer vacation, New Year's holiday vacation
(127 days of annual holiday)

Paid holidays
5 days as a special paid holiday when entering the company (valid for 6 months)110 days after joining company 6 months (as stipulated)

Skills & Requirements

1.Data Scientist

Required skills and experience
1. Knowledge of fields of statistics, machine learning, deep learning, experience with data analysis
2. Experience using spark, H20, Flink, Hadoop and other tools
3. Use of programming languages (R, Python, Scala, C, JAVA are preferred)

Required competency
1. Zero-base thinking (Identify problems with the current structure of the business)
2. Open-mindedness
3. Carry out work with a sense of speed
4. Ability to work with a variety of people regardless of nationality, age, and sex

Beneficial skills and experience (any)
1. Hardware setting, tuning experience
2. Experience as a data scientist at a web business (social media, games, etc)
3. Experience as a data scientist with system integration
4. Experience as a data scientist at a manufacturer or manufacturing research facility
5. Experience as a data scientist at a research company

2.Project Manager in Data Scientist Team

Required skills and experience

  1. Experience in statistics, machine learning, deep learning, data analysis
    2. Experience using tools such as spark, H2O, Flink, Hadoop
    3. Experience in programming languages R, Python, Scala, C and JAVA.
    4. Project management experience.

    [Who we are looking for]
    Critical Thinking skill
    Open mind/ Open mind communication skills
    Ability to proactively solve problems
    Flexibility/Adaptability to various situations
    Motivation and passion to discover new things
    Provides leadership by example. Understanding different cultural backgrounds of team members.

Language level

  1. Data Scientist
    English: Business Level
    Japanese: Not required
  2. Project Manager in Data Scientist Team
    Business level English and Japanese or above.

Selection process

1.CV Screening (Only those who pass each step will be informed of the result.)
2. Skype Screening with Connect Job Agent Consultant
3..CV Screening by GROUND Inc.
4. 1st Interview
5. 2nd Interview
6. Final Interview
7. Offer

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