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Software Engineer that does Drupal at () (allows remote), the Continuous Deployment PaaS, is seeking a backend Drupal developer with strong experience in Drupal 7 and e-commerce technologies (including Drupal Commerce and Magento). But you will have opportunities to work on many other technologies (from API proxies in NodeJS or Golang to Python libraries).  We don’t expect you to be an expert in all-the-things but we are looking for someone that would love to have a chance to work in a polyglot environment.

With your intimate knowledge of user authentication workflows (such as OAuth 2), deep knowledge about security processes, and mastery of transactional workflows, you will help build, improve, and maintain the internal billing and user management tool (aka Accounts).


  • Be a really really good dev that likes testing, understands how an OS works, knows networking, how git works has a very good grasp of security

  • Minimum of 5+ years’ experience in working with Drupal.

  • Strong experience with maintaining and extending complex Drupal sites (you write Drush make files on the back of napkins and revert Features in your dreams)

  • Strong knowledge of Git workflows (code review based on pull/merge requests, submodules, automated deployments), and you can explain to a 5 year old what rebase means.

  • Strong experience with integrating external services to Drupal (extra points if you have “The API is the product” tattooed on your arm)

  • Familiar with Behat/Mink test suite and automated test workflows.

  • Familiar with Agile development methodology.

  • Be proficient in at least one programming language other than PHP and Javascript

Would be really great if you had:

  • Go Lang Practice

  • Python Experience

  • Good Networking background (routing/protocols)

  • Good grasp of practical security and cryptography

  • Good knowledge of how the Web works (Hacking Nginx with Lua a plus).

  • Good understanding of how database systems and search engines work

  • A good notion on distributed systems (consensus protocols like Raft/Paxos, eventual consistency models, gossip protocols)

  • Good understanding of virtualization and containers

  • Mad Debian Skills

by via developer jobs - Stack Overflow

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