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Platform Engineer at Heetch () (allows remote)

 Before you read our awesome job posting, it's important to mention that yes we promote flexibile and remote ways of working since day-1, however, we are still a young company iterating over our remote  culture and we try to keep our time zones not too spread out.
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Data Engineering @Heetch

Data Engineering at Heetch is all about empowering users to access the data they need to do their jobs, we believe strongly in data democratisation and building a self service platform. The data engineering team is responsible for the data infrastructure, platform that enables self-service access to data, and pipelines that deliver the most important data to users with high levels of trust and confidence.

Our vision of an open data platform means allowing data analysts and scientists to go from raw events to actionable insight without engineers needing to write their ETL or relying on other teams. To be able to do that, we're looking for a key senior team member to help us design and implement that platform and provide the tools and frameworks that make working with data safe and easy.

You will

  • Join a small and growing team of 4 Data engineers with many stakeholders.

  • Design and grow our data infrastructure (Obvious but still)

  • Build abstractions and generalisations, create the frameworks and libraries that make data processing simpler and the common tasks easy.

  • Promote the correct use of data, data processing and analytics techniques across the company.

  • Detect emerging opportunities with new tools and technology that allow new data-driven use cases, advocate and lead their adoption.

  • You will also of course do some plumbing and build pipelines along the way.

Who you are

  • Progress is your drug, helping and sharing is your method.

  • A force multiplier, explaining complex technical concepts comes easy to you; sharing your knowledge with stakeholders of various levels of technical ability is natural and making things easier for everyone is what gives you satisfaction.

  • You have a continuous curiosity for polyglot data persistence (relational, key / value, document, graph, column).

  • Engineer first, you have the desire to focus on high quality code, CI/CD, testing and other engineering best practices.

  • You want to join us in exploring and advocating new technological solutions to process data.


  • Languages: Scala, Python & SQL

  • Tools: Airflow, Spark, Kafka, S3, AWS Lambda & Redshift

  • Streaming in a near future


  • Move smart: we are data driven, and employ tools and best practices to ship code quickly and safely (continuous integration, code review, automated testing, etc).

  • Distribute knowledge: we want to scale our engineering team to a point where our contributions do not stop at the company code base. We believe in the Open Source culture and communication with the outside world.

  • Leave code better than you found it: because we constantly raise the bar.

  • Unity makes strength: moving people from A to B is not as easy as it sounds but, we always keep calm and support each other.

  • Always improve: we value personal progress and want you to look back proudly on what you’ve done.

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You can also have a look at our open-source projects and contributions here

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