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Senior Frontend/React Engineer at Altruist (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

What do we do at Altruist?

We help you do better with your money by empowering financial advisors to do their best work.

Altruist is an LA fintech company that's making investing fair for everyone, allowing real people to make more while paying less. Our platform is the only solution for modern financial advisors who put their clients first.

We are looking to hire a world class team of talented technologists who have a passion for start up. Having a background in fintech is a bonus since they understand the complexity around security, high availability and accuracy of building these systems.

What do we expect from you?

In this role as a Senior Front End Developer we are looking for individuals 10+ years of experience building Scalable Microservice based front end components using React framework.

You will be responsible for the following but not limited to:

  • Be an amazing team player and not just be responsible for your own deliverables but also coach and mentor juniors. We all succeed when we make each other better

  • Work with product/design and business based out of US or local and understand the requirements, turn requirements into technical design, present the design to technology team and break it down into tasks and deliverables

  • Defines and practices engineering best practice and lead his decision based on metrics

  • Incorporate business needs while defining architecture for the system with a short term and long term vision in mind

  • Create and lead a culture of quality, accountability, autonomy and open communication across the teams

  • Responsible for on-time delivery of your and your teams deliverables

  • Lay the foundation of our brokerage platform which will process billions of dollars in investment and transactions annually

The fun part of this job is to be able to build most of the front end from the ground up. If you are up for this challenge here is what we want you to be great at:

  • You take Javascript for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and you believe in Microservice based architecture

  • React.js is your assistant and you use it for building robust, modular, scalable software that is consistent with the rest of our ecosystem

  • You use browser as well as application caching for building scalable and resilient architecture that sparsely relies on back end services

  • You get excited on hearing about GraphQL using Node.js and its implementation and understand its benefits

  • You talk architecture primarily in terms of microservice on front end, React components or Open components

  • Leveraged front end performance monitoring tools like Lighthouse or Web Page test, analyze the results of their run and be able to improve the results in successive runs

  • Understand the benefit of using CDN for delivering static assets as well as images

  • Understand what SEO means and how we can implement SEO best practice in front end page development

  • Can develop responsive web pages.

  • You believe and implement code quality tools like SonarQube and can create a high bar for maintaining code quality by measuring unit/integration tests as well as other critical code quality metrics and improving on them constantly.

  • You call yourself an expert in AWS and know how to build scalable systems using AWS technologies

  • You know what Kubernetes mean and how it is a game changer in terms of auto scaling, simplification of deployment and benefits of using it on front and middle tier

  • You have used EFK stack for logging and built dashboard and alerts on top of the logs

  • Keeping Error Rates low and ensuring we have High Uptime for all of our systems.

  • You are not just familiar but good at Application Monitoring tools like New Relic/Data Dog

  • Lived in CI/CD world and believe in using it for moving fast but while ensuring that we don't cause any impact to our business or end users experience. Remember we are dealing with people's money. We don't want anyone to cause rounding error on our back account so Accuracy is critical and so is uptime and Data Quality

Bonus Points

If you have experience building React for Web as well as reactive native and can show how you have build native apps using Reactive Native, you will catch my attention right away.

About our culture

We believe in empowering the team by providing individuals the autonomy to excel in their role and in the process contribute towards the company's mission. We are a mission driven organization that believes in honesty and transparency at the core of what we do. We like to provide feedback to each other in a respectful manner to make each other better which directly helps in making the company better.

Come join our amazing team of talented individuals and become a part of the journey and help us in achieving our mission!

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