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Microservices and API Developer (C# and JS) - Big Data at The Quantium Group (Sydney, Australia)

Since 2002, our data teams have wrung every bit of information they can from our clients’ data in order to give them the insight they need to make a real difference to their business.

Times and technology have changed, but this remains our goal. Instead of wrangling single, SQL-based databases and web applications, our MapR Hadoop platform runs across 200 nodes with multiple clusters and .net APIs and react.js/Angular 1&2 web products plugging in.

Our industry-leading partners’ real-world data sets and product requirements are growing along with their complexity so we need to bring more developers and engineers into our team. We’re hoping that’s you.

Predominately working with react.js, .net and Scala/Spark, you’ll be building applications to solve real world problems (some of the largest and most complex in the Southern Hemisphere) to make a real difference to our clients.


What is it I’ll be working on?

It depends, you may be initially building out scalable APIs to handle massive requests, onto a functional user interface that delights our clients. You may then end up picking up functional programming as this becomes progressively our company standard and transition toward Scala.Js or Reason.js

Fancy becoming as “Full Stack” [if you smile/grimace at the quotation marks, then you’re probably our kind of engineer] as you can? Depending on your progress and your chosen career path, there will be many opportunities for you to grow into our BigData space and become a Quantium full-stack engineer with genuine variety in your role

We’re pragmatists here with no fanboy allegiances. Want to use something new? If you can prove your case from an engineering and commercial perspective, then go for it! (Unless you're advocating for using Spark Streaming for a petabyte batch job. That was fun but ultimately nihilistic)

How do your teams work?

We work in multi-discipline teams so you’ll be working alongside Data Scientists, Analysts, Testers and Devops engineers, depending on the project

What are you looking for in the ideal candidate?

You’ve built web applications for highly complex data focused problems with the end user in mind

You’re a pragmatist, a true engineer and love to solve complex issues

You’ve a github profile showing us your experimental qualities. We’ll see combinations ruby, node.js, rust, python, java, Scala, Haskell, C++, C# or even Malboge with a readme that says “seeing how this works”.

Do you have a bullet point checklist for me to check off my suitability?

We know people are not bullet points but sure thing!

You have:

  • Experience developing web applications using a range of languages technologies

  • You understand how to build an API that can scale

  • A solid foundation in functional and/or object-oriented programming with data structures

  • A passion for solving problems and writing efficient applications

  • An awareness of considerations around structuring data on distributed systems to support analytic use cases

  • A passion for delivering high-quality, peer-reviewed, well-tested code

  • A love for knowledge sharing, you know what works, but you’re also happy to learn new methods and technology

A few quick notes on the Joel Test:

There's a few parts that are "kinda, but we're trying to get better" e.g. the best tools. With "quiet working conditions" if you need some space to get away from people and interruptions, that's totally cool, but please don't think that because we didn't tick the box that you'll be working on a construction site!

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