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Software Engineer (Python, Linux) at Edgestream Partners, L.P. (Princeton, NJ)

Edgestream Partners, L.P. is an algorithmic hedge fund founded in 2003. We build robust, high-quality software that we run and manage on a global network of compute servers. Our software implements real-time mathematical models (using Machine Learning) that trade around the clock in many of the world’s financial markets and asset classes.

We are a small group of scientists and software engineers who take pride in our software craftsmanship and are looking to add a software engineer to our team. 

This team member will:

  • Develop new features for our trading platform

  • Implement trading for new strategies, markets, and asset classes

  • Deploy, run, and oversee monitoring of our trading platform

  • Collect, interpret, munge, move, store, and wrangle data from a wide variety of sources

  • Maintain and extend our parallel, distributed computing environment

Skills & Requirements

Skills/experience that we look for in a team member:

  • Python, C, Cython, NumPy, Pandas

  • Twisted, Git, PostgreSQL

  • Network programming (sockets)

  • Linux/UNIX: command line tools, filesystems, signals, pipes

    • May have at one time installed Gentoo

    • Once debugged a bizarre SIGSTP trap that didn’t do the right thing

    • Wrote an incorrect atomic-file-write function that one time

    • Doesn’t know how that shell line became a 500-character monster with two awks

    • Once got mad at your coworker for using wall

  • Linux kernel experience is a big plus 

Characteristics that we look for in a team member:

  • Loves to build high-quality software - computer programming is a passion and a profession

  • Enjoys learning and acquiring knowledge - quickly and independently

  • Dislikes complexity and strives to find simple and elegant solutions

  • Collaborative and team-oriented

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