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Technical SEO Overlord at (Scottsdale, AZ)

Description:  We’re looking for a world-class SEO genius to join our team.  You know who you are: You were around before Panda, Penguin, and even Caffeine.   You do on-page with your eyes closed, and reverse engineer backlink profiles while you dream. You are the architect of link structure, the seer of the matrix.

We know there’s a lot of different specialties in SEO when you get past the surface. If you’re a master of content marketing, or offsite SEO specialist, or an influencer link building guru - that’s cool too.  If you’re great at what you do, we’ll build around your passion. There are a lot of ways to move the needle here.

Speaking of building around your passion, our company is SpyFu.  We have a pretty big audience in the search marketing space and that creates some exciting opportunities for you:

  • We build products that help search marketers be more successful.  Your expertise and experience can directly shape products that millions of people use every day.

  • If you like to write about, talk about, speak about the SEO and marketing you are passionate about - we’ve got a built in audience.   

We are constantly launching new products, improving existing ones, building deeper and more accessible training, and building mindshare. There’s a lot of opportunity to grow and contribute.


  • 5+ years of experience doing SEO professionally.

  • Technical on-site SEO for a large >20k page website (we have 100s of millions of pages)

  • Boots on the ground experience with all of the following: on-page optimization, content marketing, link building, outreach.

  • A passion for and comfort with data.  Strong Excel, maybe even SQL skills. Deep (perhaps complicated?) relationship with Google Analytics, Search Console, etc.   

  • Really good problem solving skills

  • Drive to get things done.

Should Haves, but not absolutely required:

  • HTML5, CSS3 - at a minimum you need to be able to format your own stuff.

  • Growth hacking / CRO / Split testing experience - also PPC, Display, etc

  • Custom crawlers \ robots, Screaming Frog, etc.

Nice to Have (so be sure to tell us about):

  • Javascript, CSS

  • Actual code: Python, Java, C#, etc.  

  • Communication passion (do you *like* writing/blogging, video skills, podcast, twitter)

  • Technical Wordpress skills

  • Have used SpyFu “in the wild”.

About SpyFu

You can go to and type in any domain name and see every keyword they buy on Google Adwords, every keyword they rank on organically, and how their ad copy and search rankings have evolved over the last 11 years. On top of that, our goal is to tell people not just what is going on but how to act. So, we need to figure out which keywords, ads, and content are actually profitable -- and then show that information to our customers in a context that allows them to take action.

It's a fun challenge, and we are the best in the world at what we do.

Based in the Scottsdale Airpark, SpyFu was launched in 2006 and is a bootstrapped, profitable and growing SaaS company.

If you get the job, you'd be the 20th full-time employee (not including the founder). But, that doesn't mean we expect you to give up benefits:

  • We offer health benefits through your choice of providers.

  • Retirement Plan (401k) with 4% matching.

  • You get an office -- with a door.

  • Food and beverages are provided. (pretty much name it and it will magically appear)

  • We have a commercial-grade automatic espresso machine.

  • We play ping pong and even have a ping pong robot. Oh, yeah, and there's a nationally ranked ping pong instructor that comes in to give lessons every Friday.

  • Foosball and Xbox One (do you have Rocket League skills?) are also part of the entertainment options.

  • There's a masseuse every week. And a hair stylist once a month. Yep.

  • Oh, and a boxing instructor 3 days a week.

Learn more about our history and culture at


We pay market-competitive salaries.

Equity / Options: Ask about that at the interview, but rest assured there's a nice upside.

Partner: At SpyFu you have the chance to make partner. What that means, is that when you work on a product, and that product is successful, we'll share its profits with you -- as a direct percent. So, the more successful the product is, the more your paycheck goes up every month. So, for example, one of our developers gets a couple percent of SpyFu's revenue because he's written a decent amount of the code. When we launched SpyFu, that accounted for a very small percent of his salary, now it accounts for a very large part of it.

This is a pretty unique compensation option. We've never heard of anyone doing it before, but it's pretty awesome and really connects you to the work you do. The latest release had a higher conversion rate? You paycheck goes up this month.


At SpyFu, we understand that our people are what makes us awesome, and we invest in getting the right people on our team and keeping them around once they're on board.

You might be waiting for the shoe to drop. We've had people tell us that the job sounds too good to be real, and they almost wrote it off as SPAM. The truth is, this IS in many ways the perfect job. It is real. We are real.

But, to get the job you have to be really, really good. The interview process is the toughest in the valley. But, the cool thing is that once you make it, you realize that every *single* person you work with also had to pass that bar -- which is *awesome*.

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