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Senior Software Engineer at Dwelo (San Francisco, CA)

At Dwelo, software engineers can work on the entire product. You will have the chance to build our cloud infrastructure which manages thousands of devices and customers, work on our in-home and in-community device controllers, and improve our iOS and Android applications. You’ll be responsible for designing and writing code for new features, enabling new devices, and gaining new insights from our vast (and ever growing) trove of data. You’ll ship early, ship often, and ship continually.

Here’s how you’ll ramp:

  • First week: You’ll have your Dwelo equipment and see the whole system working from end to end. You’ll take a tour of our architecture and start tackling a sizeable feature.

  • First month: You’ll be deploying services and code regularly, while working with other engineers on designing new services.

  • First 6 months: You’ll be owning a large component of our system, nourishing it to handle our ever increasing scale.

What you’ve accomplished so far:

  • You’ve written code in multiple languages. You have opinions about what languages and design patterns are useful in certain situations.

  • You’ve worked in a distributed systems environment. You know how to make multiple processes talk to each other, sometimes across a unstable and chaotic network.

  • You love data, and you know how to take care of it. You’re familiar with different data stores, and you have an idea about when and how they should be used.

  • You’ve shipped product as a part of a team, from start to finish. You collaborate on system design, code, and deployments.

Recent engineering projects:

  • We added cellular connectivity to all of our in-home gateways.

  • Started integrating with metering solutions to surface data to residents and managers, while notifying them of leaks.

  • Rebuilt our sensor data and command channel infrastructure with Twilio to provide seamless state synchronization across our mobile apps, our cloud, and our tens of thousands of devices.

  • Created our sensor data pipeline and data warehouse on AWS, to store and analyze the ever widening firehose of data we receive from all of our devices.

Our interview process:

Learning how we are going to work together on a team to build and deploy software quickly and often is far more insightful to us than algorithmic acrobatics on a whiteboard. We’ll start with a call about your professional history, what you have built lately, and what you’re looking to get out of future jobs. A follow up interview will involve a technical discussion about some realistic problems we are trying to solve, and how you might approach them. The next step is a well-scoped take-home coding challenge. Finally, you’ll spend some time with our CEO, potentially playing a board game, going for a hike or doing some other kind of casual activity so you get a chance to learn more about our business and ask any additional questions.

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