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Senior Full Stack Developer at Anthemis (State of São Paulo, Brazil)

About DigiCash Technology Venture

Startup DigiCash Technology Venture is building solutions for the unbanked citizens of the world. People without bank accounts may still have an inexpensive Android phone, and that’s the platform we’re aiming at. DigiCash is funded, and has a previously successful founder steering the way, with a very experienced technical co-founder. DigiCash has VC guidance and oversight in place already via the excellent Anthemis.

Place holding website:


As a full-stack developer you’ll be responsible for building our back-end and front-end systems among others in a small team. Assuming alignment with goals and given constraints, there will be wide autonomy for successful candidates and their teams.


  • The ‘build’ must include test automation, be fast as possible, and stay green

  • The build will be run for every commit and generate secondary metrics (like coverage)

  • Technical debt must not be accrued during development – tell management if someone says “this one is OK to redo later”

  • Batch sizes and pieces of work should be small. You again will be flagging management if you’re handed work items (stories) that are too large.

  • Solutions must suit horizontal scaling in Amazon’s cloud.

  • There is no “over the fence” QA team

  • We’re all learning and all teaching concurrently.

  • Pairing including remote pairing is a thing we do (taking time zones into consideration)

  • We’re going to stay close to GitHub Flow branching model and very far from GitFlow.

Just over the horizon

  • iOS client, too

  • Hashgraph (probably) distributed ledger utilization


We’re looking for someone who loves to solve worthwhile problems, values simplicity and has an ownership mindset. You will be effective if you have:

  • 5+ years experience of building web or mobile applications.

  • Experience with Java, PHP (or Ruby or Python) for back-end

  • Experience with QML or Flutter for the front-end.

    • Or Android and a wish to pivot to those.

  • A love of CD, Agile/Lean and perhaps even Extreme Programming, a huge bonus.

  • Experience of owning systems in production, while doing everything to automate yourself of out that job would be great.

  • Strong communication skills.


  1. Sao Paulo, Brazil. This is to be co-located with the business team and candidates must be fluent in Portuguese and have working English.
  2. Global + remote. This is for great fitting candidates who must have working English skills.

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