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Full-Stack JavaScript Developer Who Loves System Architecture at Benningfield Group, Inc. (Folsom, CA)

What you will be doing

As part of our team you will help create new software projects, participate in dev ops, and maintain our existing projects.  As a technical leader you will help define software architecture from the ground up, and seek to improve the quality of our legacy software systems.  As a team leader you will mentor other developers, guide technical decisions, and answer technical questions about our tech. stack.

How you will do it

Our software is written in a variety of languages and uses an assortment of technologies, but our newer applications are service driven, and primarily written in JavaScript with a SQL back end.  Expertise in those areas is a must, as well as the ability and drive to learn new technologies on the go.  The ideal candidate will be capable of developing the full stack, writing queries, exposing data via APIs, consuming those APIs in a browser using JavaScript, and creating data-driven views in HTML and CSS.  She or he will also be outgoing and approachable so that junior developers feel comfortable asking questions.

Our Team and Business Goals

  • Over the last quarter we have been working towards an automated deploy process and a dedicated dev ops team member so you can focus on software development.

  • Since our work includes both new development and working with legacy code, we operate under the motto, "Leave it a little better than you found it." Taking the time to integrate small improvements and not create technical debt is important to us.

  • Our team includes five developers, two QA testers, and a product manager.

Skills & Requirements

We are looking for developers who are passionate about what they do.  While we do not ask that employees work outside of business hours, it would be ideal if you enjoyed writing some code related to your own interests outside of the office.  We encourage people to work in-office, as we are a collaborative environment, and have short meetings three times a week to discuss upcoming work, planning schedules and interesting things we've read recently.  However, we are able to support employees who can't always be in the office 5 days a week.

  • Must be:

    • Proficient with JavaScript, SQL, and object-oriented programming.

    • Able to communicate well, to help lead the team technically and make and explain decisions about future development. 

    • Proactive, unafraid to ask questions.

  • Nice to have:

    • Strength in JavaScript frameworks, especially AngularJS.

    • Knowledge of front-end build tools like Grunt, Gulp, or Webpack.

    • Experience with unit testing frameworks.

    • Proficiency in Linux and Windows.

    • Familiarity with Docker containers and cloud-based hosting providers.

    • Strong troubleshooting abilities in a wide range of areas, including diagnosing bugs, networking problems, hardware failures, etc.

Our Recruitment Process

We will respond to your inquiry within two business days.  Our goal is to get to know you and your technical ability to see how you would perform in our office. Theoretical knowledge about programming is one thing, but we we want to get to know you and your code well enough to determine if you will feel at home in our work environment. Our process involves multiple stages as outlined below.

  • Resume and any code samples review

  • A coding assessment, which includes tasks very similar to what you will be doing in your day to day job.  We gauge assessments based on:

    • Completion: whether or not you finish.

    • Quality: we're looking for clean, well commented, easy to read code.

    • Organization: names of files, classes, where methods are placed, design patterns used, and how the overall code is structured.

    • Testing: whether or not the code passes all of the test cases presented, and if additional test cases were considered.

    • Attention to detail and usability/UX.

  • In-person interview

We offer many benefits, including:

  • High PTO accrual rates

  • 11 additional holiday paid days off

  • 401k contribution match

  • Flexibility only a small company can provide

  • Close proximity to public transportation, bike trails, and parks

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