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Sr. Front-end Developer at TalentBurst, Inc. (Charlotte, NC)

Job Description

Sr. Front-end Developer
As a Sr. Front-end Developer, you will develop web experiencesfor a wide variety of well-known brandsthat run the range from large scale e-commerce front-ends to slick data-driven visualizations. You'll take lead-from-the-trenches approach to projects, mentoring junior developers, doing pull request reviews, and setting up front-end tooling and CI. All while coding some of the most complex stories yourself and serving as a constant advocate for code quality and user experience.

Code the most complex pieces of the application. Whether it's a dynamic visualization, a tricky 3rd party integration, or a crazy animation sequence, you're up for the challenge and you'll take pride in the finished product.
Test your code, and help ensure that the right code is being tested across your project. You also help make sure that integration tests are running, and that everyone on the team tests before they push code (either manually or as part of a pre-commit hook).
Model the behavior and practices that you want to see in the organization. Want to follow TDD? Do it, and demonstrate the results to your team and clients. Itching to adopt a new tool or framework? Try it out and show the value.
Estimate or point your own work, and be able to sanity check estimations from more junior developers to make sure that they're setting themselves up for success

Excellent knowledge of hand-coded HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and the DOM
Knowledge of JavaScript packages, package managers, bundlers, and their use in building complex interactive experiences
Strong React/Redux experience
Familiarity with concepts related to data flow and component driven architectures (with practical experience based on React, Vue, Angular, or the like)
Experience using CSS grids and building responsive websites with scalability in mind
Experience leading small teams and mentoring junior developers
Understanding of SEO and accessibility issues and how they relate to development
Awareness of TCP/IP networking considerations, ability to optimize applications for a variety of device capabilities and network conditions
Solid understanding of browser rendering, and ability to fine-tune an experience
Ability to cut necessary visual assets from PhotoShop and/or Sketch files, and optimize them appropriately
Experience working with large branded websites, content management systems, E-commerce platforms, and backend frameworks (Java, .NET) is a plus
Bachelor's degree in interactive development or computer science is a plus
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