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Software Engineer (Full Stack) at Oliver Wyman Labs (Boston, MA)

Team description

A little bit about us

OW Labs is the technical delivery arm of Oliver Wyman, an international management consultancy. We offer a distinct culture that gives us the space to emphasize what we, as technically-oriented people, think is important that will also benefit the firm and our clients.

Each of our regional teams has the independence to self-organize, develop their own local culture, and evolve in the way they feel is best. At heart, though, we are still one global team, tightly bound by a strong social fabric. We connect with one another on a daily basis, and in person as a larger group as often as possible.

We are all builders & doers. We love tech. We are absolutely committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients. Everyone in the team, even the “C-suite”, is expected to stay close to technology and get their hands dirty whenever required.

In the past few years we have expanded from an internal startup to a global professional delivery organization and we work very hard to retain the set of core values we had when we were much smaller. Working for OW Labs can at times be challenging and demanding: you will often need to keep multiple balls in the air at once, and you will probably be pushed out of your comfort zone. But this is also a deeply rewarding job: you will work with an amazing group of people in a highly collaborative environment, you will learn from and share with colleagues who help one another, and you will be infused in a unique culture that is transparent, empowering, and fun.

Our values and our proposition

We believe that our culture is a key pillar of our success and our identity. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves.  We believe happiness, health, and a life outside of work are more important than work itself and are essential ingredients in professional success – no matter what the profession. Ours is a team whose members teach and take care of each other. We want not simply to continue learning and growing but to fundamentally redefine what it means to do consulting and to stretch the boundaries of what we, as a firm, are capable of doing.

Our proposition is simple:

  • You will work with people as passionate and awesome as yourself.

  • You will encounter a variety of technology, industries, projects, and clients.

  • You will deliver work that has real impact in how our clients do business.

  • We will invest in you.

  • We will help you grow your career while remaining hands-on and technical.

  • You will work in smaller, more agile, flatter teams than is the norm elsewhere.

  • You will be empowered and have more autonomy and responsibilities than almost anywhere else.

  • You will help recruit your future colleagues.

  • We offer competitive compensation and benefits.

  • You will work with peers who can learn from you and from whom you can learn.

  • You will work with people who leave egos at the door and encourage an environment of collaboration, fun, and bringing new ideas to the group.

Software Engineer

A good candidate will have:

  • Experience with several programming languages, different programming paradigms, and operating systems

  • A passion for technology and staying abreast of current and up-and-coming technologies. Open source contributions are interesting to see, but absolutely not required

  • Experience in all stages in the project lifecycle

  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)

  • Empathy for their colleagues and their clients

  • Signs of initiative and ability to drive things forward

  • A pragmatic approach to software and technology decisions as well as prioritization and delivery

  • Ability to handle multiple workstreams and prioritize accordingly

  • Commitment to delivering value and helping clients succeed

  • Comfort working with both collocated and distributed team members across time zones

  • Comfort working with and developing coding standards

  • Ability to codify best practices for future reuse in the form of accessible, reusable patterns, templates, and codebases

  • Experience using TDD and/or BDD

  • Willingness to travel as required for projects (0 up to 40%)

What makes our Software Engineers so effective?

  • A passion for making things better

  • The ability to prioritize the needs of development + technical debt with the needs of the project + client

  • Strong analysis, communication, and documentation skills

  • Strong organizational skills

  • A pragmatic, delivery-focused mindset

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Having an understanding of the overall problems being solved, from both business and technical perspectives

  • Ability to create and implement software engineering solutions using modern software engineering best practices

  • Scale up from “laptop-scale” to “cluster scale” problems, in terms of both infrastructure and problem structure and technique

  • Ability to deliver tangible value very rapidly, working with diverse teams of varying backgrounds, skillsets, and levels of experience

  • Demonstration of initiative and ability to drive things forward

Some examples of skills and technology we find relevant and interesting

  • Frameworks such as Vue, React, Angular

  • Python

  • SQL Server, Postgres, Oracle

  • MongoDB, Apache Spark, Hadoop, Elastic Search, Kibana, Cassandra

  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

  • Twitter Bootstrap, Google Material Design

  • Webpack, Gulp, Grunt, Browserify


  • Java

  • RESTful APIs, microservices

  • RabbitMQ, JMS, Kafka

  • Web, mobile (iOS and Android), pure back-end, or database development

  • Strong server-side development skills

  • Server-side JavaScript tools: Node, Express, NPM, Yarn

  • Jenkins, GoCD

Interesting technology we’ve used on recent projects:

  • Pipeline-based technology like Airflow, Luigi

  • Docker, Rancher, Chef

  • Hadoop, HDFS, Hive, Redshift, S3

  • Invision, Zeplin, Balsamiq

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