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Senior PHP developer that wants to make our webshop even better! at Coolblue (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

As a PHP Developer at Coolblue you will make sure our web shops are ridiculously fast and meticulously kept.

What you tell people at parties

"I build web shops. And no I will not fix your computer."

What you really do

  • Coming up with new functionalities and building them.
  • Improving the technology that runs over 300 web shops.
  • Improving the user-friendliness of all of those web shops.
  • Working in teams, consisting of 5 (+/- 2) developers and designers.

How you do it

  • You are an all-rounder in a Scrum team. You will have your own specialization, but you will also be able to perform all other tasks within the team.
  • You prioritize your own work together with your team and Product Owner. You will receive immediate feedback from end users and you will have a lot of opportunities to experiment.
  • You will be using the right tools for whatever job will be thrown at you. Choices that were made in the past are not rules.
  • You will work in a motivated team to meet ambitious deadlines. There is always a budget for good ideas.
  • Big data is your guru, your gut feeling isn't. To measure is to know.
  • By actively coaching and continuously providing feedback to team members.

A day at the office

You open a pull request in GitHub for your last changes in the Javascript codebase of one of the back-end services for our new faceted-search functionality. You have fixed a bug in a de-serialisation method that was causing metadata to leak from JSON objects. Considering the large amount of simultaneous, relatively small requests these services process, Node.js seemed the obvious choice. So you had to abandon your usual work field of PHP and give the old Javascript another chance. Once again it proved itself a powerful language, capable of building beautiful stuff. Maybe the front-enders were right after all? Now that this has been tackled, you return to PHP. You had this idea to optimise the determination of the sorting order of the filters on the site...


You will be working in a family with three to five other developers, each of them with their own specialization, ranging from PHP to Javascript. Your team will be managed by a Team Lead, a Scrum Master and a Product Owner. You and another team are part of the same family, so you're both responsible for one specific domain of

Required experience & skills

  • You're smart and have some way to prove it.
  • Minimum of five years experience as a PHP developer.
  • You're experienced when it comes to improving your colleagues craftsmanship and technical skills.
  • You're able to solve problems using accepted best practices and principles like SOLID and design patterns.
  • You care about code quality.
  • You know how to automate recurring development steps and implement them in continuous integration and deployment systems.
  • Scrum/Agile way of working is almost your second nature.
  • You understand and investigate what a user wants and feels.
  • Experience in working with large codebases and custom frameworks is a plus.
  • Knowledge of Clean (Onion) architecture and PaaS is a plus.
  • Willing to relocate to Rotterdam (or to reasonable daily travel distance).

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