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Director of Engineering at PKC Security (Huntington Beach, CA)

PKC ( is an elite custom dev shop located in SoCal. We are looking for a Director of Engineering who loves Clojure and can both lead our growing team of junior+mid+senior computer scientists and help us lay “rail” for a killer, all-clojure toolset. You’re a fit if you love mentoring and teaching the finer points of production-level Clojure, but can also make tough architectural engineering decisions and communicate them to the team in a way that gets everyone excited about it!

What you will be doing day-to-day 
You will be coordinating and directing our in-house engineering teams on projects to fulfill our clients' needs. While making bold decisions, you will be the Professor of Clojure that our teams look to for direction while our teams rapidly prototype from the nascent-idea stage all the way to MVP for our clients.

You will lead code reviews, architecture discussions, library choices, etc. We expect you to understand every part of the stack. We’re looking for people who enjoy multitasking and switching between different projects.

What our company is about 
We’re an all-dev software consultancy that builds best-in-industry software for our clients. We’re structured a bit like a law firm - flat, with a few partners, and a growing set of clients and projects, each with its own project lead. We love breaking new ground with our clients.

As a front-end engineer, we aren't expecting security knowledge, but we also do considerable software security work, and are happy to help you gain skills in that area.

Best of all, we’re early stage, so get ready to make a major impact.

Tech stack 
Here’s a grab bag of tech that we’re using, so you can get a feel for our technology preferences.

Frontend: primarily Clojurescript with reagent. When we use Javascript, we use Google Closure. We do mobile apps with React Native, using re-natal. We use InVision/Sketch/Zeplin for wireframing + design.

Backend: primarily Clojure. We also occasionally use Node + ES6. Other things we hack in: Go/Rust/Python/Bash/Haskell.

Database: Cassandra, Redis, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Neo4j

DevOps: AWS, CircleCI, Ansible, Terraform, ZeroTier, ZeroMQ, Nginx, Lambdas/Azure Functions

PM/Collaboration: As lead, you'll get input here, in conjunction with the Project manager. Current we use Jira, G Suite and Slack.

Why you’d like to work here 
- Work with high-caliber engineers - partners are engineers who enjoy solving the hardest technical problems.
- Our blog is regularly featured on the front page of Hacker News
- Flexible working hours - as long as high-quality work gets done
- Easy-going, open office environment
- We do pro-bono work - it’s not just about us
- Employer 3% matching 401k
- 100% coverage of PPO healthcare plan, including PPO dental and vision
- We’re security-focused

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