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Senior Software Developer (Cross Platform, C++ and Python) at D-Wave Systems (Seattle, WA)

Senior Software Developer 
Seattle, WA

D-Wave is the leader in the development and delivery of quantum computing systems and software and is the world's only commercial supplier of quantum computers. Our systems have solved important prototype problems in areas including optimization of financial portfolios and traffic flow, image and pattern recognition, and materials simulation, and are far more capable than any other quantum computer today. Our patent portfolio leads the industry. D-Wave has installed more than $50 million worth of quantum systems, and our customers include Lockheed Martin/USC Information Sciences Institute, Google/NASA/Universities Space Research Association, Los Alamos National Lab, Oak Ridge National Lab, and Volkswagen. Most customers access our quantum systems through the cloud.
Classical computers are reaching their limits and use enormous amounts of power, while the size of problems grows. Computers that harness quantum effects have the potential to solve many important problems faster and better than conventional computers, using orders of magnitude less power. We focus on customers who need solutions to computationally difficult problems in optimization, machine learning, artificial intelligence and materials science. 
D-Wave is looking for exceptionally motivated people who love to see the impact of their work, who are driven to ensure the success of the company, and who want to be a part of something special.  We are working to radically change what is possible with computers and are leading the effort to commercialize quantum computing
Position: Senior Software Developer
D-Wave is looking for a software developer with excellent computer science fundamentals to join our application development technologies and tools team. You’ll be focused on developing software to let people use the quantum computer to solve challenging problems. No prior quantum physics is required, you’ll learn on the job how to make use of this bleeding edge technology. 
Here’s what makes this role awesome: 
 You’ll work on hard, unique, interesting problems. Never a dull day!
Connection: Your work will be seen (and used!) by programmers around the world. 
Impact: You and your team will lay the groundwork for the future of programming quantum computers. 
The role:

  • Participating in architectural design and product discussions

  • Writing clean, well-documented and testable software up and down the stack, particularly the applications and client layers

  • Providing technical expertise and guidance on software architecture best practices

  • Mentoring technical team members

  • Working closely with technical project managers and researchers to integrate their knowledge and understanding into client libraries

  • Supporting the quantum computing developer community and D-Wave customers by maintaining code and fixing bugs in open and closed source software

The skills we’re looking for:

  • 5+ years professional experience in software development

  • Bachelors degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience and understanding of a wide breadth of computer science fundamentals

  • Excellent C++ and Python abilities

  • Network programming experience, including protocol design, HTTP, TCP, and asynchronous APIs

  • Experience developing cross platform APIs for multiple languages using a single core library written in one language (e.g. C++) and bindings for the other supported languages either manually or using a tool such as SWIG

  • Experience incorporating builds and tests into a continuous integration platform like Bamboo, Jenkins or Travis

  • Experience with CMake to support cross platform builds

  • Experience working on end-to-end software projects: from architecture to implementation to documentation

  • Effective technical communication skills: you’ll need to work 1-on-1 with our clients and internal teams

  • Demonstrable mastery of a technical subject that you’re passionate about

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