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Director, Site Reliability Engineering at Klaviyo (Boston, MA)

Engineering at Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a profitable startup located right in the heart of downtown Boston.  We craft software thousands of ecommerce companies use to grow their business faster.  We love tackling tough engineering problems, and push each other to move out of our comfort zone, learn new technologies and work hard to ensure each day is better than the last.  We seek out engineers who specialize in certain areas but are passionate about building, owning & scaling new features end to end. We relish breaking through obstacles & technical challenges and moving continually faster.  

Klaviyo is looking for a Director of Site Reliability Engineering to lead our SRE teams as they grow in size and scale over the coming years. In 2017 we tripled the size of our engineering teams, helped influence a billion dollars in ecommerce transactions, sent billions of personalized emails over the holiday season, and ingested 100 billion data points into petabyte scale clusters. The Director of Site Reliability Engineering will help us breakthrough the next scalability challenges and will be particularly instrumental in leading initiatives such as:

  • Scaling the SRE organization, processes and teams into industry-leading Site Reliability, Infrastructure, Security and Velocity engineering teams—more than tripling the size of the existing team over the next year and streamlining how SREs interface with the rest of engineering

  • Handling Klaviyo systems’ growth and holiday traffic scaling--ensuring SRE controlled internal services (monitoring, performance monitoring, logging, load balancing, etc.) operate reliably and SREs effectively pair with other engineering teams to scale the platform 10x year over year while continually improving SLAs

  • Launching internal platforms and infrastructure services to help our teams move faster and our workloads to run more efficiently. Leveraging technologies such as Kubernetes to improve developer velocity as Klaviyo evolves from a monolithic app into a microservices driven architecture.

  • Improving Klaviyo's resiliency, self-healing and operational rigor by leading post-mortems, conducting readiness assessments and leveraging chaos engineering techniques to continually harden our services

  • Evangelizing a DevOps culture by ensuring that all engineers own their own services’ infrastructure and uptime, that we prioritize automation over toil, and that we foster a collaborative environment where we strive to maximize developer productivity and job satisfaction

We have no pure people “managers” at Klaviyo and we expect everyone to be very technical -- this means everyone from the CEO, to the VP of Engineering and team leads being hands on with the code. Directors are expected to be subject matter experts on specific technologies and DevOps practices and spend the majority of their time coding while also working to level up the engineers on their team.

You Will

  • Lead your team by example, working with them to level up their code quality through code reviews and 1on1 mentorship, creating & vetting technical architectures, and writing code yourself that raises the bar for Klaviyo engineering.

  • Be responsible for optimizing cloud systems processing billions of events in real-time running across thousands of servers

  • Grow the Site Reliability team by recruiting the best engineers and leveling up existing Klaviyo engineers in key SRE dimensions such as systems & performance engineering, defensive programming, high availability, secure coding practices as well as leadership of people and projects

  • Leverage your operational experience in handling large-scale traffic events, scaling complex architectures and learning from distributed systems outages to minimize future service disruptions and continually improve SLAs

  • Create and guide new mission-driven SRE teams to help all Klaviyo engineers ship an awesome amount of impactful software ever faster and more reliably and securely

  • Contribute to the company as a subject matter expert in multiple areas, constantly pushing yourself to be a better engineer and to level up all of your peers within your team and within Klaviyo.


  • Are passionate about DevOps being a culture, not a role. You have experience leading engineering teams building and scaling products and understand that the best performing teams own their systems end to end

  • Want to take what you’ve learned about high performance systems and teams and apply it in a hyper growth environment to unlock new learnings and breakthrough innovations

  • Have proven that you can build & scale complex distributed systems including solving performance bottlenecks, rolling out disaster recovery plans, eliminating single points of value, achieving security and compliance objectives and keeping systems humming by leading teams through crises and working side by side with them in the trenches

  • Act as a servant leader for your team, balancing multiple important priorities and projects and keeping the team organized and focused on achieving their goals

  • Have 10+ years of experience building products that matter, growing teams, and pushing yourself and your people to be better engineers and build indispensable always-on products with passionate advocates

  • Enjoy working with new technologies, and are particularly passionate and an expert in multiple stack areas. You show this by having strong and opinionated experience with various technologies and know how to pick the right tool for any job.

Technologies we use:

  • Python, Django, Celery, Gunicorn, Nginx, Apache Kafka, Apache Flink

  • MySQL, Cassandra, RabbitMQ, Redis, ElasticSearch

  • HTML, JavaScript, LESS, Backbone.js, React

  • Amazon Web Services (EC2, RDS, Aurora, etc.)

  • Terraform, Packer, Jenkins, Nagios, Statsd/Graphite, Docker and other DevOps tools

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