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UI Engineer at MuleSoft (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

user interfaces. The ideal candidate must know the difference between good UI and great UI. If you know what jQuery, Ext, prototype, Angular and ReactJS are, and what the motivations for using them would be, you don't want to miss this exciting opportunity to influence every other SaaS company out there.

Why should you join MuleSoft?

Every major company is adopting more and more cloud services, AND building lots of apps themselves, AND publishing their own APIs. We're talking hundreds to thousands of integration points for a single reasonably-large enterprise to glue together. In fact, increasingly the heart of a company's applications is in the glue itself. And that makes for an exponentially-big problem for enterprises: how do you assemble numerous services into coherent business flows, efficiently and effectively, then operate them for months and years, and keep them up to date as all these APIs evolve? How do you even know all the integration endpoints and flows you have at any given time?

At MuleSoft, we're already solving this for thousands of companies, but now we're taking it to the next level, with CloudHub: a cloud-based environment which pairs with the widely-adopted on-premise Mule 'bus' to be the nexus of an entire enterprise's integrations. In short, CloudHub is where modern enterprises run their integration glue. And that's why MuleSoft has incredible momentum with some of the biggest companies in the world.

Where do you come in?

First, MuleSoft is investing heavily in our Anypoint platform. There’s still new product lines to be built completely from scratch; and since we're still a startup, you get to be a big part of a small team with a very broad impact. This is not a place to rest on your laurels: this is a place to make your mark on the world.

Second, you get to work on great technologies: client-side MVC using AngularJS building on RESTful back-end APIs; LESS; grunt; node.js, ReactJS and of course; perhaps you'll bring in some other new technology to the stack.

Finally, and maybe the coolest part: since MuleSoft already has the world's biggest companies on board, everything you do is poised to make a huge impact.

And you? You already know you can create killer UI's based on the work of designers and your own creativity; and it's a given that you're a master of all things HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript. But isn't it time you turned your attention to a really, really big problem?

Skills & Requirements

About You:

  • Care deeply about UX, design and simplicity

  • Good grasp of HTML5, CSS and LESS/SASS/PostCSS

  • Production experience with large Angular, React or other modern UI frameworks

  • Experience building large-scale web apps with a reusable component architecture

  • Experience taming and managing state in complex apps using patterns like Flux/Redux

  • Strong JavaScript skills and an understanding of functional programming, closures, ES2015, asynchronous programming and handling large amounts of data client-side

  • Experience with warp drive installation and maintenance under zero gravity conditions

  • Understanding of, and bias for, testing using tools like Karma, Mocha, Chai and Sinon

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