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Identity & Access Engineer at Coolblue (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

An Identity & Access Engineer at Coolblue ensures that everyone has the right access to the Coolblue systems, so we can deliver our customers packages safely and on time

What you tell people at parties

I ensure safe and easy access to the digital world of Coolblue. No, I cant recover your bitcoin wallet.

What you really do

  • You design and deliver safe, user-friendly, and scalable Identity & Access solutions for over 2,500 Coolbluers.
  • Youre always expanding and improving the I&A systems and processes.
  • You can find the balance between building a really cool, new solution thatll have an immediate impact and making sure your solution is safe and maintainable when were 10x our current size.

How you do it

  • You make sure all supported systems work well to keep the systems access safe and available.
  • Team autonomy is important at Coolblue, so we wont hold your hand during the process. You have enough subject knowledge to build the perfect solution for Coolblue with your team.
  • You and your team work end-to-end on design, implementation, and delivery.
  • You initiate change to make Identity & Access a little bit better every day.
  • You present your ideas in a simple and understandable way, so both your technical and non-technical colleagues understand.
  • You think big, but build small. In the end, its about getting the job done.


You work in a scrum team with engineers who are all focused on delivering the best Identity & Access solutions. Working in an Agile engineering team at Coolblue means having great ideas, but being able to cut them into small deliverables. To help you do so, your team has a Scrum Master and a Product Owner.

A day at the office

This morning, you grab a cup of coffee with application expert Lucas, to discuss how we can best adapt our AD security group, so it matches the new organization structure of our HR tooling. After that, its time for a stand-up with the team. The sprint is on schedule. Your colleague mentions he got started on an issue that was reported by Tech Services. Since he thinks its DNS-related, he wanted to involve team Identity & Access.

After the stand-up, you get started on writing a short How to enable your 2FA so it can be distributed. As soon as everyone is up-to-date, we can start selecting the first cloud applications to use it. Better safe than sorry!

After lunch and a brisk walk through Rotterdams city center, you get started on the implementation of a number of things to make our Active Directory even safer. Then, its time for a refinement session about user stories and ideas with the team and the Product Owner. There are some nice things in the pipeline!

After a game of pool, you walk by team Office Automation. You spoke with a colleague about needing TLS1.2 to connect a certain application to AWS, which is a standard feature of Windows10. Since team Office Automation just started the migration, you decide to give them a heads-up.

You do some team checks for a few stories; looking good. Were going to finish this sprint!

What we're asking

  • A few years of experience as a Windows engineer, concerning designing, building, maintaining, and troubleshooting Identity & Access environments
  • Youre a Windows Ninja - You know Windows client & server environments like the back of your hand
  • You have a deep knowledge of typical Identity & Access components, such as Active Directory/ADFS/LDAP/AzureAD, Microsoft DNS, Domain Controllers, SAML, federation, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Role Based Access Controls (RBAC), Privileged Identity Management (PIM), PKI, or federated and claims-based identity
  • You can keep up with conversations about identity lifecycle management, Single Sign On (SSO), access management, privileged identity management, identity access governance, as well as Just Enough and Just in Time Administration
  • You have experience with IAM tool environments (e.g. UMRA/Tools4Ever)
  • Other than technical solutions, you also know how to approach things from a process-based perspective
  • You have good communicative and cooperative skills and a go for it-mentality
  • Youre fluent in both Dutch and English

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