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Senior Rails Developer at FormulaFolio Investments (Costa Mesa, CA)


We’re looking for an experienced Rails developer eager to help our team deliver a new Rails application. In this role, you'll have the opportunity to build from the ground up a new fintech project that will enhance our online platform and make an impact that will be immediately appreciated by our end-users and your colleagues throughout the company.

We expect technical proficiency but what we are really looking for is a developer who recognizes that a successful project extends far beyond the code they write and depends on the people involved and the culture and practices they promote.

Our compensation package includes full medical, dental, and vision benefits as well as a profit-sharing 401(K).

If you want to impress us with your attention to detail, please review this job description carefully and include the word “REM” in the cover letter you submit with your application.


  • Two or more years of day-to-day hands-on professional experience with Rails.

  • Eager to mentor others and share the benefits of Rails.

  • Adept at solving problems and making life easier for others.

  • Experienced building web applications with Rails and at home in the Ruby ecosystem.

  • Comfortable at the command line and using Git.

  • Well-practiced in writing insightful code comments and helpful documentation.

  • Serious about security and quality.

  • Sucks at multitasking but excels at organizing, prioritizing, and finishing tasks.

  • Passes pre-employment background screen.


  • At least four years of experience with professional teams building API-driven web applications.

  • Able to write clean, testable code in one or more of the following languages: Javascript, Python, PHP.

  • Appreciates checklists and automation.

  • Experienced building Ruby gems.

  • Familiar with DevOps: provisioning Linux servers for web applications and automating deployment.

  • Knows how to use Google and StackOverflow effectively.

  • Respects the Zen of Python and seeks principles that will improve oneself and one’s peers.

  • Intellectually curious with an affection for the absurd and an aversion to brogrammer culture.


  • Leads new Rails project by helping to define project roadmap, directing technical design, and continually delivering finished features.

  • Collaborates harmoniously with stakeholders, product owners, and end-users to contribute to success of organization.

  • Embraces Agile methodology, clears aggravations, and promotes well-being.

  • Reviews pull requests and provides timely constructive feedback.

  • Writes quality code supporting FormulaFolios websites and enhancing FormulaFolios brand.

  • Improves project tests and documentation.

  • Serves advisors, investors, and staff across the organization.

  • Builds professional knowledge and hones skills.

  • Works a regular full-time schedule at our new Costa Mesa office.

If you really want to impress us with your attention to detail, also include the word “sleep” in your cover letter.

Hiring Process

One 30-minute phone or in-person screening:

  • 10 minute overview of position and team.

  • 20 minutes discussion of candidate interests and qualifications.

  • Brief recap on next steps

One 90-minute in-person team interview:

  • 40 minutes discussion of requirements and responsibilities

  • 45 minutes coding challenge (on a laptop, not a whiteboard)

  • 5 minutes answer questions and review next steps

One 60-minute in-person final interview:

  • We conclude our discussion of key challenges we will be expecting you to help solve in this role.

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