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100x Rails Developer at Simplero () (allows remote)

What's in it for you:

  • You get to spread your wings and show what you're really made of. We won't keep you in no box.

  • You get to be your own manager and have a lot of leeway to decide how you spend your time.

  • You get to work from wherever you want, at home, coffee shop, a co-working space, or the office we're planning to build in Scottsdale.

  • You'll have lots of opportunity to take responsibility and really make a difference.

  • If managing others is your thing, you got it!

  • You get to learn lots of new things, both technical skills and personal skills, and we'll happily invest in whatever you need for this.

  • You get to wow customers and see them use your code every day, and you'll get to see just how great it feels when you go implement someone's burning wish that took you all of 4 minutes, but totally makes their day!

  • You get to show the world exactly what you made, and be proud of it, too. That's great to show to future employers, other developers, and even your family. "Hey, look, I did this thing that lets people have more freedom in their lives!"

  • You get to contribute to open source projects, both existing ones and ones that you create. With your name on them, so you can show off to your peers.

  • We've created with just 2 people what other companies take armies of hundreds to make, and we'll teach you how to do it yourself. You'll officially join the 100x club.

  • You'll have access to incredibly powerful personal coaching for your work and life outside of work. We're committed to supporting you not just as a developer but as a whole person. You've got our support 100% in what you need in order to thrive.


  • Work from anywhere, and on a schedule that works for you, as long as there's sufficient overlap with your team.

  • Stop work when your brain is out of juice. We need you to be well rested.

  • 4 weeks of mandatory vacation per year. Time away from work brings fresh insights.

  • We'll pay for your gym. Deadlifts makes you smarter.

  • We'll pay for office space if you don't want to be in Scottsdale.

  • We'll subsidize your transportation, if you decide to go to an office.

What sets Simplero apart:

  • No VC funding and no exit strategy. We do it because we love it today, not because we hope to make out like bandits in the future.

  • We're profitable and have been in business for 9 years. It's a solid, stable, proven company, product, and model, not some fly-by-night operation or risky gamble.

  • We're founded by a developer, so you've got deep technical understanding and support right from the top.

  • Our founder has successfully made the journey from being a developer that was only focused what he could do with his mind and fingers, to being a whole person with health, wealth, and loving relationships. And we'll support you in making the same transition if you want.

  • We solve real problems for real people that they're happy to pay us real money to do for them. We go home each day knowing we made a difference in someone's life.

  • We do things differently from other people. You'll see. We laugh a lot. We breathe. We care about our people. We support you on your journey.

  • We're here to transform the lives of everyone that comes into contact with us, and we've noticed that as we do that, the money keeps rolling in.

What we absolutely require:

  • You gotta be very smart and very quick at "getting" stuff.

  • You gotta love creating software and building things. And be really good at it.

  • You have to be good at figuring stuff out that none of us have ever done before.

  • You've got to be good at reading code and quickly figuring out what's going on.

  • Solving problems is what you do when you need to chill.

  • Your commitment to your own peak state. What do you need to be in the zone and absolutely love what you do?

What we could care less about:

  • Specific years of experience is meaningless. You started when you were a kid, anyway.

  • A university degree, especially PhD's or degrees in computer science. We're not scientists, we're engineers. (We do have a soft spot for physics majors.)

What is Simplero?

Simplero is a freedom machine

It lets our customers escape corporate America and create a living doing something that excites them, independent of time and place.

Simplero is a business machine

It runs our customers’ businesses so they can focus on transforming lives, on connecting with their own customers, and on their own spiritual journey.

Simpero is a transformation machine

The lives of our  customers and their customers are forever transformed through building their business and living on Simplero. Each interaction with Simplero lifts their vibration.

Simplero is a well-oiled machine

The software and the company as a whole runs incredibly smoothly.

We compete against much larger competitors by being incredibly effective and efficient.

Simplero’s past

We started with billing, particularly the installment plans part. Then we added email, and later membership sites.

Simplero’s present

We've since added a super slick website builder, automations, tags, segments, and lots of other tools that are fun to build and make our customers' lives easier.

Simplero’s future

What we aim to be is the operating system for your business. That means everything consists of even more tightly integrated building blocks that you can plug and play together, plus pre-made templates or recipes that you can put together to make your own configurations. It means visual overviews that lets you see how everything connects and flows and check the pulse of your business. All this while keeping things simple & robust. It's not easy, but we're up for the challenge. We win by always simplifying, clarifying, and systematizing.

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