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Architect of the Future at Smart Start Inc. (Grapevine, TX)

try {
  Future<Position> yours = smartStart.submit(application);
  Position dreamJob = yours.get();
} catch (InterruptedException ex) {"After all, tomorrow is another day.");
} catch (ExecutionException ex) {"I guess you guys aren't ready for that yet.");

What is this "Architect of the Future" thing?

This is an opportunity for you to lead the design and implementation of a new cutting-edge software system.

Cutting-edge?  So are you guys one of those "disruptive" startups that's going to revolutionize society or trigger the singularity or something?

No, not at all.  However, our business is saving lives, and we've been doing it for 25 years.

So what are you doing that's so cutting-edge?

Well, we have terabytes of data, and we're streaming in more constantly.  This data is utilized by multiple applications in disparate ways.  We want to make one system to rule them all that will standardize how we process, analyze, and visualize all of our data for the foreseeable future, and open up the ability to answer business questions that we can't today.

Sounds like you need a big data pipeline.

Probably, but if it was as simple as saying "big data pipeline" then there wouldn't be a position devoted to it.  What technology stack are we going to use?  What do we persist, and what do we generate dynamically?  How do we handle our numerous data consumers that each have their own filtering and validation rules?  What do we do with historical data as the rules that formed them evolve?  What's the best way to migrate existing functionality into the new system?  We need you to help figure these things out and develop the solutions.

Laying out a new technology stack is kind of exciting.  Have you thought about using anything so far?

Sure, but we're not going to pick the tools until we find the right person to do the job and flesh out the answers to some of our questions.  Despite that, we have had a few ideas:

  • Akka

  • Apache Casandra

  • Apache Hadoop

  • Apache Kafka

  • Apache Pig

  • Apache Spark

  • Apache Storm

  • Redis

  • SQL Server

  • Vert.x

  • VoltDB

Exactly what gets used we can decide upon as we figure things out together.  Once the stack is chosen, we'll also need you to lead the implementation and do a lot of coding, too.  We do most of our coding in Java or Kotlin, but we're open to other languages if they will result in a better solution.

I can figure things out, and I love to code.  How do I apply?

Just click the "Apply now" button.  Don't be interrupted from pursuing your dream job.  Come join us and build the system of the future!

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