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SaaS Engineering Manager at PeopleDoc (Paris, France)

As the R&D team grew up during past years, we have started to think about what should be the management framework at PeopleDoc. Even though we always promoted autonomy and people to be source of proposal, with more and more teams and scopes, we felt that it was the time to hire people that would help the development teams to keep on releasing great quality apps by maintaining PeopleDoc vision and values, finding the process and the organization that enable the team to respect the objectives in terms of delay and quality and ensuring that everyone feels good in the team.

This office-based (Paris) people manager position will report to the Chief Technology Partner.

Competencies required:

  • Technical background in software development

  • Agile project management

  • Strong written and oral communication

  • Emotional intelligence


  • B.A. and/or Master in Engineering


  • Strong experience in software development

  • Significant experience in team and project management in a technology company

  • 3+ years of experience with direct people management

  • SaaS Experience

  • Agile Development experience is a must

What are success looks like for this role?


(what this role has to accomplish -

the WHAT)


(how it has to be done -

the HOW)

  • Enable the feature teams focused Case Management and Knowledge Base services.

  • Animate the agile rituals

  • Drive and monitor the velocity of the feature teams

  • Drive and monitor the quality of the releases

  • Co-responsible for the R&D program management in partnership with the others delivery managers and the product managers

  • Define the goals and objectives of the team, in accordance with the product deliverables and the technical committees

  • Define the budget of the team, handles the recruitment together with the tribe leads

  • Accountable to lead communication and facilitate the sharing within and across teams

  • Communicate with other teams inside or outside the R&D

People Management Responsibilities:

  • Provide vision on where the team is going.  Ask for their input on the vision and the necessary steps to get there.

  • When hiring, prepare a detailed JD and success measures for the open positions in your team.

  • Prepare an individualized onboarding plan to welcome the new employee into the organization.

  • Mentor employees providing feedback on a regular basis. Address any performance issues straight away to ensure employees are aware of issues and have the chance to improve.

  • Focus on the development of each and every team member individually

  • Ensure the each team member is aware of the fundamentals: company guidelines, job expectations, their goals and any other aspects that are important to you and to their success at PeopleDoc.

  • Review and improve the team execution as needed to ensure that the team is organized in an optimal way to deliver its goals.

  • Be aware of your own and team’s energy level. Adjust as needed to ensure you and the team are motivated and/or investigate the reason for the decrease of motivation in team (or one team member). Proactive address issue until it is solved.

  • Seek feedback on a regular basis on how you are doing as a manager. It helps you improve and provide the chance to employees to provide you with their observations.     

General Management Accountabilities:

  • Team Budget Responsibility

  • Vacation and time off

  • Ensure team coverage

  • Performance and Development Conversations and Plan

  • Onboarding/Offboarding

  • Team Building Activities

  • Providing Ongoing Feedback

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