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Front-end UX Developer at Magnopus (New York, NY)

SAGA can be many things. We need you to work on overall front-end JavaScript SDK that will be embedded as a base into all new front-ends. We have an existing authoring and data platform that needs to be replaced by a modern system, ideally Vue, by you. We also need very specific smaller authoring solutions for mapping, analytics, or debugging. You will we working on the SDK and various incarnations of the platform. Ideally, you know UX by heart, not basic blog UX, but UX akin to the systems you see in superhero movies. But useable. And at best you win us over with your slick skills in creating user flows and prototypes.


  • Implement a JavaScript access layer SDK module for our API

  • Modernize the existing front-end with the SDK and Vue

  • Develop various smaller interfaces to an alpha/beta phase and hand them over to other developers

  • Creating User Flow Prototypes with the rest of the team

  • Communicate and collaborate with the overall team on use cases and ideas. 

  • Defend against Feature Creep

  • Document your vital and important work

Need to know:

  • Vue.js

  • D3.js

  • CSS3

  • SVG

A very exciting bonus: 

  • Total comprehension of user flow paradigms

We’ve been working with partners on a large-scale project that will be a “world’s first” and we’re building up the team to execute this ambitious vision on a global stage.  If (no, when) we’re successful, it will serve as a model for the future, and a heck of an experience in the present. Many of the things we’re doing have been done before in small, isolated ways.  Now we’ve got a rare opportunity to bring them all together at scale to show the rest of the World what all this new tech is good for, while delivering fun experiences and engaging narratives that make a positive impact.  But we need your help to make it truly amazing.

This position will be working onsite with our partners at Hexagram. Hexagram is the creator of SAGA, a cloud-based platform that unites real-world and digital narratives, enabling users to explore physical spaces, interact with believable digital characters, and receive personalized immersive content across multiple platforms in real time. SAGA can be used to orchestrate complex fictional worlds, reward loyal audience members, or bring people together. It publishes information across platforms from SMS to game engines, connecting audiences to the information and experiences they’re looking for. SAGA is already being used on several major immersive projects and we’ve got something in the works that is literally a thousand times larger than what we’ve done before.

Some logistics: We have a small office in Chinatown, NYC in a terrific building with a scary elevator. We have people in this office. We have people working remotely. We like the idea of work/life balance, but recognize that it’s not always easy to achieve. All of us love what we do. We don’t pay insanely well because we are in the low-margin world of doing things that are difficult and risky. If we do these things well, they become more profitable. We are patient. We remember friends. We hug appropriately. We quietly enjoy it when people think we are crazy. We’ve been doing what we’ve been doing for seven years and the phone has never rung as often or as loudly. We’re excited. Join us!

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