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Senior Data Engineer at Coolblue (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

You support our Business Analysis and Data Science teams through your technical expertise and passion for data.

What you tell people at parties

'I am a data hacker:  I make Coolblue a little bit more data-driven everyday.'

What you really do

  • You actively coach the people around you and help them build scalable Data Pipelines.
  • You provide technical support to our Business Analysts, who transform the data your team provide to Actionable Insights for the all company. Your technical expertise will make Coolblue smarter by assisting a data-driven decision making process.

How you do it

  • You help develop data pipelines in Python
  • You are an all-rounder in a Scrum team. You will have your own specialization, but you will also be able to perform all other tasks within the team.
  • You prioritize your own work together with your team and Product Owner.
  • You will receive immediate feedback from Business Analysts and you will have a lot of opportunities to experiment.
  • You coach and provide feedback to your team members.
  • You will be using the right tools for whatever job will be thrown at you. Airflow, Spark and BigQuery are technologies we are already using.


You'll work in a Scrum team of four to six members formed mostly by Python developers with a passion for data. The team is managed by a Team Lead. The Teams backlog is cured by Product Owner Jessica and Scrum Master Sonja. Your team works closely together with Business Analysts and a team of Data Scientists, providing them with data structures they can easily use to support company decisions.

A day at the office

Natalia sends you a Pull Request to speed up the transfer of data from the ERP system using a new messaging system. You review it together and then merge the code. After that, you join Jessica, the Product Owner, who wants discuss the requirements for the new process that will provide new insights about our customer Journey. Just before lunch, you pass by Matthias, a data scientist who is working on a new Machine Learning algorithm which can forecast warehouse stock. You help him moving some data to BigQuery. You invite him to have lunch together with your team. On the way back, you share your concerns about the Google Adwords ingest process with Rafael. It's losing records, so you want to refactor some of the python code. You add a few automated tests, send the Pull Request to your teammate, Soumya, for review and at 16:30, the improvements are automatically deployed via our continuous integration pipeline. By 17:30, you're done for the day and, together with your team members, head to the bar for a drink.

What we're asking

  • You have a minimum of five years experience as a software developer.
  • You are familiar with databases, ETL and data processing frameworks (Spark, Dataflow, Dataproc etc.) and Big Data on Google Cloud Platform.
  • You are familiar with continuous integration, logging and monitoring.
  • You think about the process and implementation from end to end.
  • Agile and flexibility come naturally to you.
  • You're willing to investigate what users want and why.
  • You have experience with helping others improve their craftsmanship and technical skills.
  • You're familiar with continuous integration systems that automate your code deployments.
  • You're willing to relocate to Rotterdam, or nearby.

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