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Polaris – Aptitude & Reasoning

  1. Fill in the blank to complete the series CMM, EOO, CQQ,____?
(a) ISS                   (b) KUU                                (c) YUT                  (d) RED
Ans: (a)
  1. What was the day on 17th June 1998?
(a) Monday                        (b) Tuesday                        (c) Thursday                       (d) Wednesday
Ans: (d)
The Number of odd days are arrived at as under:
Between 1600 and 1900 the number of odd days is —————–1
In 1998 completed years 97and of this Number of leap years are 24 and ordinary years 73
Total number of odd days in 97 years -> (24×2)+(73×1)-> 121 days.
From 1.1.1998 to 17.06.98 the number of odd days are {3+3+2+3+3(17-two completed weeks)]
Thus the total number of odd days are—– 1 + 121 + 14 = 136 -> completed weeks -> 19
and remaining odd days -> 3 ie Wednesday.
  1. A 6% stock yield 8%, the market value of stock is?
(a) 48                     (b) 75                    (c) 96                     (d) 133.33
Ans: (b)
The yield of 6% is on a stock value of Rs 100.00
The point to note here is if the yield increases then the stock value decreases and vice versa.
Hence the market value is ->  100 x 6/8 -> Rs 75.00
  1. A long rope to be cut ,to make 23 small pieces if it double folded to start with how many times it need to be cut?
(a) 9                       (b) 23                    (c) 11                     (d) 12
Ans: (c)
The rope is double folded. Hence each cut will give two small pieces. Thus 11 cuts
will give 22 pieces and the last remaining folded portion will be the 23 piece.
  1. What fits in the blank of the following sequence?
Amble,   ______       jog,       run
(a) walk                                (b) creep             (c) sprint              (d) crawl
Ans: (a)
  1. Find the largest factor of 2520 that is not divisible by 6?
(a) 315               (b) 225                  (c) 325                   (d) 215
Ans: (a)
  1. Find the greatest number that divides 364,  414 and 539 with same remainder in each case?
(a) 25                  (b) 35                    (c) 45                     (d) 55
Ans: (a)
  1. N is the 5 digit number 8A65B in which A and B are digit and N is divisible by 24.
What is the smallest number  N can be?
(a) 82653                           (b) 81656             (c) 82656              (d) 80654
Ans: (c)
The divisor 24 is a multiple of 4 and the rule of divisibility for 4 is the last two digits divisible by 4.
Only (b) and (c) fulfills this condition  and of this (c) is the number perfectly divisible by 24.
  1. A number is increased consecutively two times by 20% each the original number is actually increased by?
(a) 40%              (b) 42%                 (c) 44%                 (d) 20%
Ans: (c)
Successive change in percentage is given by the formula — X + Y + XY/100
where X and Y are the successive changes in percentages.
Applying this we get ->  20 + 20 + 400/100 -> 44%
  1. If ‘a is divided by b’ the result is 3/4 ,If ‘b is divided by c’ the result is 5/6 then the result when ‘a is divided by c’?
(a) 1/8                (b) 7/8                  (c) 5/8                   (d) 3/8
Ans: (c)
A/B = ¾ _> 4A = 3B
B/C = 5/6 -> 6B = 5C -> 8A = 5C  (Note 3B = 4A)
Hence A/C = 5/8
  1. Optimist is to cheerful as pessimist is to
(a) gloomy                        (b) mean                             (c) petty               (d) helpful
Ans: (a)
  1. Chiyo is younger than Pimpkin , Sayri is older than Pimpkin, who is younger than Chiyo?
(a) Sayri                             (b) pimkin           (c) can’t be determined                     (d)No one
Ans: (d)
  1. In a certain code AUDIT is written as 2*67$ and PUB is written as 8*5 how is BUT written that code?
(a) $56                        (b) 5*$                  (c) $57             (d) 6*$                  (e) none of these
Ans: (b)
  1. Seven eighth of number added to 72 doubles the number read Soren “Is this a joke?” Larry looked at the paper and said “No it is the number of my locker” what is the number?
(a) 68                                 (b) 78                    (c) 64                     (d) 74
Ans: (c)
Let the Number be N. Then we have an equation -> 7N/8 + 72 = 2N
Solving, we get value of N as 64.
  1. A jar contains number of pennies, the pennies can be divided into equal share among 3, 4,5,6,7 or 8 child left with number of pennies, what is the least number of pennies that the jar contains?
(a) 440                             (b) 840                  (c) 940                  (d) 640
Ans: (b) (Find the LCM of all the numbers)
  1. The day that dawn three days after tomorrow is Friday what day of the week dawned two day before yesterday?
(a) Saturday                  (b) Sunday          (c) Wednesday                 (d) Friday
Ans: (d)   Three days after tomorrow is Friday. So, tomorrow is Tuesday and today is Monday.
Yesterday was Sunday and two days prior to yesterday was again Friday.
  1. A number is greater than 10 has the property that when divided either by 5 or 7 the remainder is 1,what is the smallest odd counting number that have?
(a) 61                                (b) 51                    (c) 71                     (d) 81
Ans: (c) LCM of 5 and 7 is 35 and among the choice only 71 will leave a reminder of 1 when divided by 35.
  1. Three digit number 104 has a digit sum of 1+0+4 (or) 5 how many different three digit number, including 104 each have digit sum of 5?
(a) 35                               (b) 25                    (c) 15                     (d) 43
Ans: (c)
The Nos are: 104, 113, 122, 131, 140, 203, 212, 221, 230, 302, 311, 320, 401, 410, 500
  1. In certain code ‘RANGE’ coded 12345 and ‘RANDOM’ is coded as 123678 then the code of ‘MANGO’ is
(a)  82543                        (b) 82347             (c) 84563              (d) 82357
Ans: (b)
  1. Find the odd one out 8, 27, 64, 100, 125, 216, 343
(a) 27                                (b) 100                  (c) 125                   (d) 343
Ans: (b)
all the others are perfect cube values.


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